Apex Legends Anvil Receiver Hop-Up Looks to Be Returning in Season 8

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 29th 2021

Apex Legends is getting ready to release the eighth season of content for battle royale fans, and new details are emerging as we get closer to all of the excellent new content coming soon. One particular detail that seems to be arriving soon is the return of the Apex Legends Anvil Receiver hop-up attachment. 

Apex Legends Anvil Receiver Looks to Be Returning Soon

This particular attachment is an accessory for a couple of guns in the game only around for a limited time. It was a short-lived experiment from Respawn Entertainment that only lasted a couple of seasons in total and then was taken away from the game seemingly permanently. 

But it looks like that could be changing soon as it seems that an official teaser video for the new season has revealed that the Apex Legends Anvil Receiver could be coming back to the game soon. The Soar general manager, Dazs, was able to give fans a preview of the new season.

In the video clip, they can show off the new 30-30 Repeater rifle joining the game in just a few days. The community highly anticipates that the new weapon will be something great for the game’s meta, making it more interesting in Season 8. 

But while the video was focused on showing off the new gameplay of the 30-30 Repeater rifle, there is a little tidbit that the community could discover by taking a closer look at the preview video. In it, we can see a glimpse of a particular attachment that looks to be returning soon. 

Attachment Can Be Seen in an Official Video Preview

As noticed by our pal Shrugtal, a popular data miner for the Apex Legends community and has been rather trustworthy until this point; you can see what looks to be the Apex Legends Anvil Receiver attachment showing up in the middle of the preview clip. 

You really can’t make this up either. In the clip, you can see the Apex Legends Anvil Receiver attachment. Lying right there on the ground is the gun attachment. It is ready for the player in the clip to go ahead and pick it up if they want to.

In the specific screenshot shared on Twitter, you can see its name and everything right there. It isn’t something edited or just a mistake as it is clearly shown off. More importantly, there is also the fact that the player uses the Flatline in the video as well. 

It is critical to note that the user in the video is just in the training area for the battle royale game. It could just be something that showed up in this weird build of the game, but there is further evidence pointing towards that not being the case. 

Flatline Shows an Empty Attachment Slot

When the user picked up the Flatline weapon, you can see that the attachment slot for the Apex Legends Anvil Receiver attachment is now empty on it again. It means that you can attach something new there. It would make sense to be the returning Anvil Receiver. 

It looks increasingly more likely that the Apex Legends Anvil Receiver will be returning as an attachment in Season 8. Those who missed out on its greatness were a hop-up that was exclusively available for only the R-301 and the Flatline during its short tenure. 

The purpose of this legendary attachment was to increase the damage of these weapons when you are using them as single-shot weapons. It was a powerful attachment for those who like that setting, but it did come at the cost of its fire rate and would use up even more ammo. 

If the Apex Legends Anvil Receiver attachment does come back, we imagine that it will be available for both of these weapons again. It would be nice to see it extended to a new weapon with variable firing settings like them, but we will have to wait and see for now. 

What We Know About Apex Legends Season 8

For those wondering if it is returning due to the new 30-30 Repeater rifle in Season 8, that isn’t the case. The two releases likely have nothing to do with one another and just so happen to be happening in the same season.

Regardless, the release of a brand new weapon and the return of one of the most popular attachments for two of the most popular weapons in the game should mean a different meta in Season 8. We should likely see some changes regarding what arsenal players are mostly using in ranked play. 

Other than that, there are few details known about the new season that is coming up soon. In the video, we only see the training area, so the details about Kings Canyon’s changes are relatively still unknown at this point. 

However, it shouldn’t take too long to find out more about Kings Canyon’s return and everything else that will be offered in Season 8 since the release is just a few days away. The new season will drop on Tuesday, Feb. 2, and be right around the second anniversary of the game’s release. Stay tuned for our full coverage of it soon. 


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