Apex Legends 2nd Anniversary Event Extended

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 23rd 2021

Apex Legends is celebrating its second anniversary of being around in the battle royale genre. Respawn Entertainment is ensuring that the fun is not going to be stopping just yet. An Apex Legends Anniversary Event extension has been announced, delaying the end of it for a little bit longer.

Apex Legends Anniversary Event Extension Announced

This means that everything that is part of the current second-anniversary event will be available for a little while longer. Respawn revealed the Apex Legends Anniversary Event extension on Twitter, announcing that players will enjoy everything past the original end date. 

Though the original end of the event would have been likely today, Tuesday, Feb. 23, Respawn has decided to make an Apex Legends Anniversary Event extension. In case players still need time to enjoy the special game modes or get some of the rewards, this extension is here.

Because of the Apex Legends Anniversary Event extension, the event’s new end date will be next Tuesday, March 2, at 10 a.m. PT. That is a whole week of extra time for players to see everything being offered as part of this special limited-time event. 

This sudden announcement came right around the time today. The limited-time collection event was supposed to end. It was not expected at all, so this was a pleasant little surprise for the community as it means more time for everything in this second-anniversary extravaganza. 

Extension Means More Time to Unlock the Items

One more week of the Anniversary Collection Event means that there is one more week for players to earn enough points to unlock all of the free items in the prize track. Like most Apex Legends events, this one has some unique items you can earn for free.

You don’t have any to spend any money at all to enjoy some free goodies in celebration of the two years that Apex Legends has been available for free. But to get those items, players have to amass a certain number of points or else risk losing out on some of the rewards. 

While it isn’t too tough to get enough points to unlock all of the anniversary items in the prize track, it does require some healthy amounts of time and effort to get them all. This can be tough for some players who have schedules, work, and other busy aspects of life.

But, fortunately, this Apex Legends Anniversary Event extension means that you will have an extra week to spend playing battle royale matches, completing challenges, and trying to earn everything that there is to find in the current collection limited-time event. 

Locked and Loaded Isn’t Sticking Around for the Extension for Now

While you would think that this would mean that there is one more week left for the limited-time game mode introduced in this event known as Locked and Loaded, that isn’t the case at all. Instead, Respawn Entertainment has chosen not to continue with this mode. 

Because of that, you will find that the collection event will just feature the normal battle royale matches that you know and love from the game. Hopefully, Respawn changes its mind quickly and brings back this very special game mode twist on battle royale. 

In Locked and Loaded, players are treated to a fairly standard match of battle royale from the onset. You are still trying to be the last team standing at the end of the match but with some exciting twists and rules thrown in there that make this a much more aggressive and competitive version. 

You are well, Locked and Loaded from the start of the limited-time game, for starters, so to speak, with a full set of gear from head to toe. You are outfitted with a Mozambique pistol shotgun right from the moment that you hop out of the dropship as well as other gear. 

Players have some armor, a helmet, a backpack, some shields, syringes, a shield, and so on for you to use in the fights you will face right from the start of the match. This means that you are less inclined to search quickly for a weapon as you will have one to fight with already. 

But that also means that every other player will be in the same position, which means fights will be more intense and potentially more often right at the beginning of the mode. But Locked and Loaded doesn’t stop there with its antics as it changes up the general loot pool as well. 

Since you start each match with a full set of white common gear, Respawn has removed all of the common gear from the match except for what you already have on you and the common sights for weapons that you can find on the ground. 

But Paid Apex Legends Collection Items Are Still Here

Though this mode is gone, players still have the various items from the Anniversary Collection Event like the paid ones. Players can craft or purchase or unlock them through Apex Packs, including remixed versions of older skins for the legends and more. 

There are 24 items in total, which is standard for a collection event like this one, so that is a lot to unlock. This extra week means more time to ensure that you have enough crafting materials or currency to grab all 24 items before they are gone once again. 

If you do collect all 24 items before the event ends next week, you will be able to get enough heirloom shards to unlock a full set of heirloom of your choosing, rather than just unlocking whatever new heirloom set has been the latest to release. 


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