Apex Legends 2nd Anniversary Collection Event Begins Today

by in Apex Legends | Feb, 9th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has released the first event for Apex Legends Season 8, and it is a doozy of one. The new season of content just dropped at a momentous and busy time for the popular battle royale game. It is celebrating a massive new milestone for its lifetime with its new Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event. 

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Is Here to Celebrate 2 Years

The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event is here to celebrate the anniversary of the game itself. This famous and beloved battle royale game is turning two years old now, just old enough to get a good grasp of its place in this crazy, pandemic-filled world. 

Initially releasing in early February 2019, Apex Legends shocked the world when it launched. It did something that we hadn’t seen much before this: shadow-dropping its release. Sure, there were some in the past, but nothing quite like what this AAA free-to-play title was doing. 

It was something that even kicked off a trend of sorts, like other games, both AAA and indie, began to shadow drop as well, releasing at a random moment when no one expected it to. Also, Apex Legends made waves in the battle royale genre as well. 

Both Fortnite and PUBG had already proved to be the main competitors in the space, and for good reason. Both games, while similar, had different audiences that they were catering to. Fortnite went for a wider net of all ages, while PUBG catered mostly to a more hardcore shooter audience.

But Apex Legends came in and proved that there was room for a third party in the mix, which even led to more games like Call of Duty Warzone, proving that it could be there. Much of what Apex Legends did was unique: mixing elements of Overwatch, respawns, pings, and battle royale together in a brilliant package; one that other games tried to emulate. 

Now, here we are two years in. Apex Legends is arguably stronger than ever before with the Steam version’s release and the Nintendo Switch version’s upcoming release. As part of the celebration, Season 8 is here and this new Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event. Here’s everything that you need to know about this new limited-time event. 

Start and End Dates

For starters, by the time you are reading this post, we are happy to let you know that the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event has already begun. It begins today, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021, and will go for the next two weeks, ending on Tuesday, Feb. 23. 

It only makes sense to celebrate two years of the game’s life with two weeks of excellent limited-time content. Even still, that isn’t a ton of time to play the game and try to get everything offered here, so players should be vigilant and ready to collect everything as soon as possible.

After all, this Anniversary event is a special one: a collection event. In the main types of events, this one is all about collecting as many new items, skins, packs, and more as possible, and less to do with the new game modes and experiences that other events have. 

However, that doesn’t stop the event from trying to do a little bit of both. It has a ton of new and returning items for players to collect, but there is also a new game mode worth checking out. And if you don’t have money to spend, there are free items during this event. 

Free Prizes in the Reward Track

Like most Apex Legends events, this Anniversary one has a unique reward track that players can progress through. This is the main focal point of the event in which you will be working hard to try and unlock as many of the items as you possibly can before the event ends. 

The reward track this time around is, in our opinion, the very best one that we have seen to date in Apex Legends. It is free to unlock these items, and they are some brilliant ones this time around. There are a total of 22 items to unlock. They are almost all worthy of getting. 

You will get two event packs for absolutely free throughout this reward track, offering you the chance to unlock some of the unique new rewards that you would otherwise have to pay for likely, and a whopping 10 normal Apex packs to open up. 

It works similarly to the other reward tracks in the past events for the battle royale game. You will need a total of 5000 points to get all 22 rewards on the track, with most rewards unlocking every 250 points or so until you reach 1500, and then it is every 500 points. 

You earn these points by doing some of the unique challenges in the game for the event. These switch up every day. There is typically a limit to how many points you can earn per day, but you can finish this off in less than a week if you wanted to. 

Beyond the packs that we already mentioned, there is a weapon charm, lovely weapon skin, and more waiting for you through this incredibly awesome reward track. And if that isn’t enough, players who log in during this event will get five rewards, including the three matching stat trackers for Bangalore, a free Apex pack to open up immediately, and an event badge. 

New Locked and Loaded Takover Mode Explained

When you are trying to get those points to unlock the various rewards in the prize track in this event, there is a new game mode that will be there for you to use to gain the points. That new mode is a new takeover, known as the Locked and Loaded limited-time mode. 

This particular playlist game mode will be available for the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event duration. You can switch to it to play it anytime. In this playlist, players will hit the ground running and already have everything they need to compete against the other teams.

The general premise of the Locked and Loaded limited-time mode is a simple one: it only takes the gear that you have at the start of the match, tweaks it to give you a nice boost, and changes up the loot pool some to make this game mode a much more powerful and intense one. 

Every single player who jumps into the new Locked and Loaded game mode will find that they start the match with some gear already given to them. Instead of having to search for some armor and a gun to take out your foes, you’ll already have some starter weapons and armor at your disposal. 

From the moment you hop out of the drop ship, you will have a full loadout of level one gear. This includes the level one Evo armor, the Mozambique for those of you who love this iconic weapon that truly captures the spirit of Apex Legends, a white shotgun bolt for it, the HCOG classic scope, white helmet, white backpack, and white knockdown shield.

That is a full set of gear that will ensure that the moment that you touch the ground, you can start blasting away at your opponents with the Mozambique shotgun and be able to resist some damage with the minor level one common armor.

But it doesn’t end there. Respawn also ensures that you have some consumable items to make sure that you can recover from the inevitable fights that will break out immediately when you land on the ground at some of the popular Kings Canyon named locations. 

You will also have access to two syringes, two shield cells, and one stack of shotgun ammo. Essentially, you will have everything that you need for those initial fights in a battle royale match without having to search anywhere for new gear to pick up. 

But this is only the start of the new limited-time game mode. The first part is that it gives you a full set of gear, minus a second weapon to use, but the second part has to do with the rest of the loot pool. All common attachments and equipment have been removed from the game in this mode, except for the common scopes. 

This means that you will only be finding gear that is better than what you started with, ensuring that you don’t have to waste time looking at white gear that isn’t worth picking up. Locked and Loaded will likely be a chaotic and action-packed game mode since players won’t have to spend so much time searching for loot at the start of matches, so watch out. 

New Seasonal Challenges

If this wasn’t enough, there are some new seasonal challenges that players will be able to chase after, starting with this Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event. Completing these new challenges will grant you some special new badges to show off to your teammates and foes in matches.

The first one is the Daily Discovery Nessie badge that has to do with completing 75 daily challenges. That sounds like a lot, but you do have a good bit of time to complete this mission, so be sure to tackle as many of these daily challenges that you find, especially for that prize track. 

The second one is to Respect Your Elders and earn the Mozambique badge by dealing a whopping 102,816 damage with it (get the reference?). The third new seasonal challenge is to earn the Time to Win and Stay Alive badge with eight different legends in the game, and you will get the Smolfinder badge. 

Finally, the fourth and final seasonal challenge is to snag the iconic Mozambique Here weapon charm by dealing 3,333 damage with the beloved weapon that players love to ping. The new Locked and Loaded playlist will be a great place to try and earn this weapon charm. 

How the Collection Event Works

Of course, the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event is a collection one, and there are new items to get. There are 24 skins and items this time around to get, but the unique part about them is that they are, technically, returning items from the past. 

But they are new items because Respawn has given them a fresh coat of paint to make them look new. The general theme is to make these returning items look sleek, this time with a crimson red and gold touch to them that will make them appealing to some players, even those who already have the original versions of them. 

Like always, you will have multiple options for unlocking these 24 remixed items in the collection event. You can purchase them directly, buy the event packs to unlock them, or craft them if you don’t want to spend your real-world money and currency on them. 

Better yet, the crafting cost for all items in the event is reduced by 50%, so it will be easier to get these without spending your hard-earned money. Remember that event packs will be given out for free in the prize track, so you won’t need to get as many in this event. 

But if you do get extra and have too many, Respawn will refund you the purchase cost of them at 700 Apex coins each. And last but not least, in the event, there is the subject of the heirloom set. It looks like there may not be a new one this time, but there is something special that Respawn is doing. 

If you unlock all 24 unique items in the event through whichever means you prefer, you will get 150 heirloom shards so that you can unlock whichever heirloom set that you want and/or are missing from past collection events. 


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