Another CSGO Pro Heads to Valorant in Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella

by in CS:GO | Aug, 11th 2020

More and more players are abandoning the CSGO ship these days, heading for the newer Valorant. In particular, we heard this morning that Nicholas “nitr0” Cannela has decided that Valorant is the wave, and not CSGO. He isn’t a part of a team yet, at least, not as of this writing, but there are quite a few that want the talented player on their roster. 

He’s nowhere near the first CSGO pro to want to try something different – Hiko, Skadoodle, ScreaM, and several others have made the shift to a new game. At first, we thought maybe he would be sticking with Liquid, but that is not the case. Earlier this month, Team Liquid let nitr0 go after five years of dedicated service and wins. 

Is nitr0 Worth Recruiting?

Are you kidding? His Liquipedia is just a laundry list of 1st place finishes! He has a small mountain of first-place finishes, so he’s got the skills to pay the bills. Nitr0, who is now heading to Valorant, was the squad leader for Team Liquid when they won IEM Grand Slam in 2019, as well as four S-tier tournaments through Dreamhack/ESL. This was across 10 consecutive events, mind you. Team Liquid was the #1 team in the world during their 2019 run, and won over a million-dollar in prize pool earnings. 

There is still no Valorant esports scene, so this is a pretty potentially risky move. With FaZe Clan’s Invitational breaking 180,000 views on Twitch this past weekend, though, there’s almost assuredly going to be an official Valorant esports scene. Though it’s not confirmed right now, Riot would be leaving money on the table. 

It seems like nitr0 leaving Team Liquid has possibly been in the works for some time now. He did point out when he left Team Liquid that he wanted to “stay in the [competitive] scene”, and it sounds like he found his new home, in terms of game. Though we don’t know why nitr0 was let go from Team Liquid, it doesn’t seem like the squad is anywhere near how great they were in 2019.

Valorant sounds like it’s just the thing that nitr0 needs. It’s similar to CSGO, so his skills will carry over. At this point, all we can do is hope that Riot Games will announce an official Valorant esports league sometime in the next month or so. What squads could possibly pick him up though? There are quite a few knocking at his door, reportedly. 

However, it is certainly curious that Team Liquid has been recruiting for Valorant, but did not try to keep nitr0 on to work with that team. Hopefully, there were no hurt feelings or drama behind the scenes. Either way, we hope that wherever nitr0 goes next, success will be his!


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