Animal Crossing Monopoly Coming To Stores According to Online Images

by in General | Jul, 8th 2021

When it comes to chill games to play when players want to relax, Animal Crossing is king. The game’s cheery style and many things to do without stress make the game one of Nintendo’s sleeper hits. More recently, that sleeper hit has garnered massive attention with the release of the newest game in the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now, according to a user on Reddit, players will be able to take animal crossing from the digital world into the physical one with an Animal Crossing Monopoly game.

Dollars for Nook Miles

Reddit user calysunflower posted an image of the new Monopoly edition on the Animal Crossing subreddit, claiming that she found it hidden in the back of the board game section of the store. This new version of Monopoly lets players journey through the island, finding resources and collecting Nook Miles.

The back of the box says that the players can “Visit islands, collect resources, and earn Nook Miles!” Players also can complete island tasks, talk to villagers, and by choosing a character skill, players will be able to rack up bells.

The board game’s contents don’t seem to contain anything related to the original Monopoly, with the money and properties being replaced with AnimalCrossing resources and bell tokens, though according to the box, there’s only a small amount of bells in the game. There’s also a load of cards that come with the game, including ones for Nook Miles, as well as items and chance cards. Also included in the box for the game are two sets of dice: one numbered dice, and a Nook’s Cranny dice, which seems to be rolled when the player passes GO, instead of receiving $200 like in the original game.

The game also comes with four player statues, two girls and two guys, all partaking in collecting one of the four resources in this game: Fossils, Fruit, Fish, and Bugs.

Calysunflower posted more images later that same day showing off what comes inside the box, including all the cardboard pieces replacing the money in the game and a brief description of how to play the game.

How to Play

According to the box, the game is slightly different from the original Monopoly. The game’s objective is to have the most Nook Miles by the end of the game.

When a player’s turn approaches, they will move their piece with the dice and complete the task on the spot where their character lands. Players are also able to sell their resources to the bank for bells, and a Nook Miles card will allow players to trade resources and bells for Nook Miles. Purchasing furniture and decorations from Nooks Cranny will also grant the player Nook Miles, and the game comes to an end once a player collects seven pieces of furniture.

Once the game comes to a close, whoever has the most Nook Miles wins.

Many players thought that this board game was fake, but after calysunflower brought the game home and sent a picture of the box’s bar code, the game was proven to be legitimate. As many Monopoly spinoffs are made based on video games, it’s no surprise that Animal Crossing would join the ranks of Super Mario and Pokemon, although, the game may be different compared to the other versions of Monopoly.  


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