Ancient Replaces Train in CSGO Active Duty Map Pool

by in CS:GO | May, 3rd 2021

Roughly half an hour ago, Valve announced the end of Operation Broken Fang following the latest CSGO update. The operation was released on 3rd December last year and the community has been generally pleased with what it brought to the table. However, the latest CSGO update brings forth something far more important than the end of OBF… something many of you won’t like. Ancient is replacing Train in the CSGO active duty map pool!

That’s the main topic in the CSGO sphere right now! Fans, pro players, coaches, commentators, analysts – everyone is talking about Ancient replacing Train! It’s a shocker, one nobody could have predicted! And NO, before you ask, this is not just a rumor; this is official news!

What Does Ancient Replacing Train Mean for CSGO?


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