Among Us and Fortnite Fall Guys Crossover Skins Reportedly Leak

by in Fortnite | Feb, 8th 2021

Fortnite and Fall Guys have a lot in common given that they are both battle royale games of a sort and they have a lot of crossovers with other properties in the world. Now, it looks like they may be coming together for a Fortnite Fall Guys crossover very soon. 

Fortnite Fall Guys Crossover Possibly Coming Soon

In this case, because of a recent leak, we found out that the Fortnite Fall Guys crossover might be happening. The well-known Fortnite leaker Max, known for releasing a ton of accurate info about unreleased content, gave us these details about the new crossover.

According to Fortnite leaker Max, there will be a Fortnite Fall Guys crossover in the future. No release date was given, but it looks like it is in the works. The crossover is not necessarily for Fortnite battle royale, though, but instead for Fall Guys itself. 

According to Max, some new strings of code were added to the backend of Fall Guys recently. Going through the backend code for a game is typically how these leakers find out what is coming out soon. It seems that there are codes that are mentioning a Fortnite Fall Guys crossover now. 

Five main code lines are pointing to this crossover. They each have the Fortnite battle royale tag attached to them. This leads us to believe that Fall Guys is gearing up for some Fortnite content coming to Fall Guys in one form or another. 

Five Fortnite Skins Could Be Coming to Fall Guys

Likely, these five new entries that have appeared in the backend of Fall Guys are new skins. The first one is named llama, the second one is named Cuddle Team Leader, the third one is Peely, the fourth one is Bunny Brawler, and the fifth and final one is Ripley. 

All five characters are well-known objects in the Fortnite battle royale universe and/or skins that have been in the game in the past. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense for Fall Guys to randomly add these Fortnite tags and objects into the game’s back end for no reason.

There are times when games will add some crossover items into the code codenamed to hide the fact that they are referencing other games, TV shows, movies, etc. But if this leak is to be believed, Fall Guys has outright mentioned Fortnite without a care in the world.

This wouldn’t just happen for no reason, so it is clear that at least discussions are going on about the possibility of a Fortnite Fall Guys someday. The Fortnite leaker Max even went so far as to note when we might have the new crossover skins from Fortnite release in Fall Guys. 

When We Might See This Crossover

Since the Bunny Brawler of all skins is mentioned in the code, it seems that Fall Guys may be aiming to have this crossover happen sometime around Easter. That would put it near the end of March or the beginning of April when these two battle royale titles would join together. 

This seems like a good enough time to do this crossover since that would give both developers time to work together to make this happen. It would be shocking if Fall Guys were the only one to get some new crossover skins. 

We imagine that there could be a titular Fall Guy skin come out in Fortnite in the future. The shape would be somewhat weird, but we’re sure that Epic Games would be able to figure it out. This would be great since I am, personally, a huge fan of both titles.

If you are a Fall Guys fan, though, the possible Fortnite Fall Guys crossover skins aren’t the only ones you have to look forward to. There is even talk of a possible Among Us crossover with Fall Guys, offering some unique skins that players will be able to use to be the last one standing. 

Among Us Skins Could Also Be Coming to Fall Guys

A deleted tweet indeed referenced the possible upcoming crossover between Fall Guys and Among Us. We imagine this would include some different colored crewmate skins for players to equip on their fall guy and use in matches as they try to out jump, run, and last the others. 

Other possible crossovers could be coming to Fall Guys. They join the many others that have already happened, lending credence to this possibly happening. We have seen crossovers with other game series like Sonic the Hedgehog, My Friend Pedro, and more. 

It only makes sense that Fall Guys would get some crossovers with one of the other most popular last person standing games: Fortnite. Fortnite itself is known for its seemingly countless crossovers that have happened over the years, including many movies, TV shows, comics, and even other games, like The Mandalorian crossover happening right now in Season 5. 


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