Among Us 15 Player Matches Announced for Next Update

by in General | Apr, 21st 2021

It is time for another major Among Us update to arrive soon, even though we recently got the new Airship map release. We got our first details of the next major downloadable update, and it includes, above all else, the long-awaited Among Us 15 player matches. 

Among Us 15 Player Matches Are Coming

This update was teased on the mobile, console, and PC multiplayer title on the official Twitter account, noting what is next in the pipeline. Of that, three main changes and additions are coming to the game, which is the new Among Us 15 player matches. 

This was teased last year when the rise of the game skyrocketed due to Twitch and other content creation sites. The initial idea for the game was to have a sequel for it that would have a different style, graphics, and a massive expansion over the original game. 

This was because the title hadn’t done quite that well at the time, and it was hoped that a sequel would likely do better. But then the popularity of Among Us ballooned, making it one of the most played games in the history of mankind. 

Thus, the developer decided to stick with the original game for the time being and scrap the sequel that was going to come out. Instead of having Among Us 2, many of the core ideas presented in that game were going to be introduced in the growing original title.

Imposters Don’t Work With 10 Player Matches

One such idea was the addition of Among Us 15 player lobbies and matches. At this time, the game only allows for up to 10 players per match, which is fine, but nowhere near the level of mystery and intrigue that it could have if there were more players. 

It is almost pointless at this time to have the three-player imposter option available in the game. You can have up to three imposters in a match, meaning that you have to find three killers before they can kill enough people to be even with the crewmates. 

The problem with this is that three killers are just way too much for Among Us, and you will rarely see anyone playing the game mode this way unless they want to lose to the imposters easily. As such, the Among Us 15 player matches will be a great solution for this issue. 

With the bump up to 15 players max in matches, it suddenly becomes more viable to use three imposters. They will have to effectively kill around nine players in total at the minimum (in a max game where no one leaves the match) and get away with the murders to win the match. 

New Player Colors Are Also Coming

This will make the matches potentially much longer and more interesting for those who choose to do the Among Us 15 player matches. Of course, you don’t have to do three imposters in these matches; you could stick with only one or two killers if you would like to. 

That would be pretty crazy in its own right, as it would be unfair to the killers but a great bragging moment if someone can solo win against 14 other players who are out to get them and before all of the crewmates can finish their tasks.

The addition of Among Us 15 player matches will be an amazing moment for the title that should see it grow even more, but this is only the beginning. There is more on the way for the whodunnit game, including two other major changes and additions. 

There will be new player colors released for the title beyond the ones we have had to date. There are more than 10 colors already available, but there aren’t enough for 15 players in a match. 

As such, it makes sense that there will be some new color options so that there can be 15 different players in the match, plus, hopefully, a few more to allow for some variety. The various colors have not been revealed at this time but here’s hoping that they aren’t too close to the existing ones. 

Improved Art Style and More

Unfortunately, in the midst of these changes for the player colors, there hasn’t been an announcement for the long-awaited other accessibility options for being able to figure out which player is which, rather than just relying upon the names that they have chosen (which can be the same as someone else in the match). 

Interestingly, there is an improved art style that is coming with this update as well. We have no idea what this means, as the screenshot doesn’t give us much to go on. It is hard to tell the difference in the tweet, but it looks remotely the same as we have currently. 

The changes may be more apparent once we can get our hands on the new update. Beyond the improved art style, there will also be more improvements and bug fixes as expected. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest updates for Among Us ever. 

However, there is no idea of when the next big update will be released. No window or timing was announced in this tweet. As such, it could be months away or just next month at this point. It took a while from the reveal of the Airship map to the release of the actual update, so we could be waiting on this one for some time. 


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