Allied Esports and Esports Entertainment Group Announce CSGO Legend Series

by in CS:GO | Jul, 10th 2020

Despite what Valorant fans might tell you, CSGO is not a dead game. There’s plenty of cash on the line for the CSGO enthusiasts, as we saw with the upcoming CSGO Legend Series! How does a €50,000 pot sound? Well, if you’re a pro player in Europe, it probably sounds pretty great.

CSGO Action Heats Up in August

Well, at the end of August, anyway. This event will be held exclusively online and will have 12 excellent CSGO teams of Europe competing in the Legends Series. The official title is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Legends Series.

“We believe that esports tournaments should not just be fun for participants, but also have the ability to help sponsors achieve their business goals, and our know-how and portfolio of esports brands, arenas, mobile trucks and studios uniquely meet that need in today’s ecosystem,” said Frank Ng, CEO of Allied Esports.

We think this tournament series is a grand idea. With Valorant trying to muscle in on the FPS turf, CSGO needs something to keep itself in the eyes of the public, and why not the Legend Series? Sounds pretty great to us! The HyperX Esports Studio in Hamburg, Germany will produce the tournament, but it will all be online. That’s likely to keep everyone safe in this COVID-19 world.

Real stakes are on the line here, and the idea that teams can get together to play online for €50,000 will keep them interested in their game of choice. Some people might think that playing online makes the game less enjoyable, but it’s a necessity in the name of safety.

“We’re excited to play a role in providing a platform for smaller teams to compete for prize money,” said Magnus Leppaniemi, head of esports at Esports Entertainment Group. “While the largest esports teams earned tens of millions of dollars in prize money last year, there are hundreds of smaller teams that get excluded from the flagship competitions. The CSGO Legend Series is our first effort at working to fill this void, and we look forward to getting involved in more events like this moving forward.”

That’s what we like about this. It allows smaller teams. There are so many opportunities for the biggest and best teams, but what about the rest of the community? They need to find a way to grow and make money too. Many teams don’t make the cut for tournaments, so this could be a way for some of those oft-forgotten teams to show what they can do. So, get ready for August and the CSGO Legend Series!


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