All-Women COD Tournament Revealed by ESPN & Minnesota ROKKR

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 13th 2020

Four all-women teams are coming together for a CoD tournament, courtesy of the Minnesota ROKKR, and will be airing on ESPN’s Twitch this month. Dubbed “Women of the eRena”, ROKKR is doing its best to make esports more inclusive. It’s something that is in dire need right now, and we’re glad to see it, quite frankly. This tournament will be played in CoD: Warzone, and takes place on October 29th. The prize pool? 10,000 dollars, so that’s not too shabby. We’d like to see some real major prize pools for all-women events though, which should only be a matter of time.

Glory in Combat

The ROKKR is a team owned by the Wilf family, who also conveniently own the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL. We’ll have four teams of women coming together to do battle in one of the hottest game modes right now, CoD’s Warzone. Don’t worry though, there will also be some qualifying rounds, to see which teams make it to this grand battle. If you want to join in, you just need to register on the eFuse website, by October 20th, 10 pm EST. 

Truly, there are some pretty interesting names in the mix for team captains. We already know that the ROKKR director of content Ashley “MIDNITE” Glassel is one of the team captains. In addition, Washington Mystics’ WNBA forward Aerial Powers is also going to be a team captain. 

We’ve also got confirmation that major esports orgs will be involved, such as Cloud9, Gen.G, G2, and Optic Gaming. The all-women CoD tournament will surely be a great way to get your name out there, and noticed by some serious orgs, and being on ESPN’s esports Twitch will only compound that. 

This isn’t the first all-women tournament, and it surely will not be the last. Women need a place to join in esports and feel like they belong. Instead of mocking and ridiculing women in your games, try supporting them and acting like a team. Anyone can be a sharpshooter in esports, with time and practice. 

The notion that women don’t belong in gaming is outdated and should have never been a thing to begin with. We’re beyond hyped for this all-women CoD tournament on ESPN. Kudos to the ROKKR for putting this thing together with eFuse. There’s one more tournament coming in this series, so hopefully we have an idea of what it will be soon enough. 

Who would you like to see participate in the all-women CoD tournament on ESPN? Any particular streamers you think would show up and show out? Let us know on Twitter!


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