All Missing Battlefield 2042 Features From Past Games Listed by the Community

by in General | Nov, 22nd 2021

Battlefield 2042 is out now for all platforms, offering the latest entry in the series and one that is beautiful and massive, yet marred with plenty of bugs and issues. In fact, the community has come together to create a list of the missing Battlefield 2042 features in order to bring awareness.

Missing Battlefield 2042 Features List Created by the Community

The missing Battlefield 2042 features list was created initially by the Reddit user Jellyswim who just randomly posted about the subreddit page for the game with the compilation. The list is noted to include everything that has been “removed or downgraded from previous games.”

The purpose of the missing Battlefield 2042 features list is to bring awareness to DICE that the community misses these features from past games and would like to see the return in the future. It is also worth noting that it mostly includes content cut from the base game, not the terrific Portal area, though some of it applies to both parts of 2042.

The missing Battlefield 2042 features list was updated with suggestions from the comments of the viral post with its unbelievable almost 3000 comments and counting at the time of writing this. For starters, there are the core features that are missing from the game at this time.

This includes the obviously missing singleplayer story campaign that controversially is not available in 2042 and the server browser. There are also fewer regular game modes, such as the fact that you cannot play normal Team Deathmatch without relying on the community servers.

Some of the Major Missing Features

There is also the fact that there is no persistent lobby feature, meaning that players have to search for games in between every match, rather than immediately going into the next map. There is also the lack of a traditional class system, missing stats and progress, no global leaderboards, and no spectator mode.

For players in the US, there is no central US server (just East and West) and no community servers to play on. Moving to the gameplay side of the missing Battlefield 2042 features list, there are fewer guns, even including the ones in Portal, less gadgets, the inability to dive underwater while swimming, and more.

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The game lacks any sort of campaign mode.

Other major features include the lack of melee weapon choices, no thermal optics great for nighttime moments, only one anti-tank rocket launcher, no single-person lock-on launchers, no suppression gun feature, no mines, claymores, or first-person takedown animations.

For the vehicles in the missing Battlefield 2042 features list, there are not as many vehicle types separate progression for each faction’s vehicles, despite them being the same essentially. There are no naval vehicles minus perhaps the hovercraft and the lack of vehicle animations in general.

There are fewer pilot customization options, no helicopter gunner secondary weapons, no joystick support for vehicles, no Behemoths, and so on. On the scoring side of the missing Battlefield 2042 features, there is no squad wipe score, no player damage points, vehicle damage, vehicle kill assists and so on.

These are especially frustrating as the whole point of the game is to contribute to a greater whole in the battle and be rewarded for that. There is no headshot bonus, long-range kill bonus, multi-kill bonus, assist that counts as a kill for the amount of damage bonus, comeback bonus, squad objective play, and healing is just a flat experience gain rather than based on how much you do.

Missing Teamwork and Map Features

For the squad and teamwork section, there is no commander, which is a heavy miss for a series that defined this feature in online multiplayer warfare games, and no special squad call-in abilities. There are no squad field upgrades, no voice chat (for now), only two factions with little distinctions, no cross-team chat, no team changing, and no “create a new squad” option.

Furthermore, there are no clans (also for now), you cannot watch your teammates in the spawn screen, there are no rank names or other icons, either. The medic incoming indicator is also missing, however, this one is, thankfully, coming soon as noted by DICE recently.

For the missing Battlefield 2042 features when it comes to the maps, there is poor map rotation since there is no dedicated server. You could get the same maps over and over in battle since you have to requeue every after every match.

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There’s no commander position for players to take to help their team.

There are fewer base game maps (not including Portal) and not as many destructible buildings on the maps themselves. There are no infantry-focused maps without the added vehicles and the classic Levolution that the series coined in the first place.

There is little to no cover in the open spaces between capture zones and fewer urban areas. There is also not a single map that is focused on the ship-to-ship naval warfare that the series has had in the past. It is an overwhelming list of missing Battlefield 2042 features and one that is too exhaustive for this post.

If you want to read the entire list and give kudos and/or praise to the people who created it, be sure to hit up the list here. The plan is to reshare the list in about six months and see how the game is at that point in time, compared to the initial post.

Hopefully, this is list is something that DICE and publisher EA take note of given how viral it is, and start making some announcements and/or comments about some of the more egregious decisions for the title. And though it is in a troublesome place right now, hopefully, there is a plan to make Battlefield 2042 a better game over time and one that brings back beloved features from past titles.


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