All Fortnite Summer Splash Modes Reportedly Revealed by Leak for July

by in Fortnite | Jul, 7th 2020

The Fortnite Summer Splash event is going on right now in battle royale for players. As the replacement for the 14 Days of Fortnite and summer that we had in the previous years, this event comes complete with special items and some Fortnite Summer Splash modes to cool off with.

Fortnite Data Miner Reveals Summer Splash Schedule

A recent data mine has uncovered what looks to be the release dates and all of the Fortnite Summer Splash modes that will be released as part of this event. Or, at least all of the ones that will happen in July. This leak comes from the renowned data miner FireMonkey.

The user recently posted about the various Fortnite Summer Splash modes that they have reportedly uncovered from the in-game files for Fortnite. As always, take this with a grain of salt, but this is likely legit. These will be the game modes that we will see for July.

Of course, if you are someone who likes surprises and would rather be caught off-guard by the returning and new game modes offered through this event, we highly recommend that you turn back now to avoid any spoilers for what will happen during the limited-time event.

From what FireMonkey was able to gather through the files, there look to be nine events in total scheduled for July at this time. Of course, there could be more, but these are the ones that we know of right now, including the names, squad sizes, and dates of when they will happen.

What We Know About the Game Modes

Kicking things off is the first one that we already know about: Fog of War. If you are reading this right now at the time of publishing it, you can jump in and enjoy this game mode for a limited time that is a twist on a previously existing limited-time mode.

Fog of War will only be available for solo players through July 7. Following Fog of War is the High Explosives mode, which will be returning to the game for only two days. This version of it will be the squad version. It will only stick around from July 8-9, so be sure to check it out while still having the chance.

High Explosives is a rather popular game mode where you play a normal match of battle royale, but with the twist that there are explosive weapons only in the entire match. We’re talking about grenades, rocket launchers, and the like. That is all you will have access to in this game mode.

High Explosives and Close Encounters Explained

So, we hope that your aim is accurate and that you are ready to build as much as possible to avoid some rather intense moments where explosions will be happening all around you. Also, anticipate that the later game moments in the final circles will be crazy as you will have grenades and rockets going off all around you, so be sure to have your building up to par.

Following up on High Explosives is a string of days when we will see the also really popular Close Encounters limited-time game mode. It will not only happen for two days but then it will come back immediately afterward for two more days.

The reason for this is because the first round of Close Encounters will be duos only, so two players per team, while the second round will feature the squads version where you can have up to four players on a single team. Duos will be up first and take place July 10-11.

Then it will be followed by the squads version for those who want to have a bigger team on July 12-13. It has been a while since we’ve had Close Encounters in Fortnite, so for those who have missed out on this amazing mode, it is a special one that emphasizes those close combat fights.

How Jetpacks Work in Close Encounters

In this game mode, all you have access to for your arsenal are shotguns and jetpacks; that is it. The shotguns will be your main weapon of focus, so you will have to get up close and personal to take out your enemies in this battle royale game mode.

But to help with that, we will have the long-awaited return of jetpacks, which are probably the best “vehicle” of sorts that has ever been in Fortnite history. This fan-favorite item has been in the game’s history for a long time, so it is a welcome addition, even if it is only for a limited time.

If this works much like the previous iteration of Close Encounters did, the jetpack will be a unique item that you don’t have to hold in your hands to use it. Pick one up when you find (which shouldn’t be too hard in this mode), and you will be able to soar into the skies.

The controls for using the jetpack is rather simple as all you do is hit the jump button on your respective platform twice in a row to lift off into the skies. You can also hold down the button to keep soaring up or let it go to start drifting downward.

What Sniper Shootout Is All About

But the one thing that you should watch out for (so long as Epic Games hasn’t changed this game mode) is that you have a limited amount of fuel for your jetpack. Flying in the sky will consume the fuel. It will require you to take a break from using the jump button for it to recharge quickly.

That means that you need to time your flies and landings well so that you don’t eliminate yourself using fall damage. The jetpack is integral to getting close up to your enemies and decimating them with the shotgun. Epic knows how popular this mode is, so it is no surprise that it will double the length of some other limited-time modes.

Next up is another round of two for the same game mode: Sniper Shootout. This one is fairly popular in the community and is what it sounds like. It will start its first round in the event on July 14-15 and feature matches only for solo players.

Another round of Sniper Shootout will follow this immediately after that on July 16-17 that will be for duos players only; no squads this time around. For the most part, Sniper Shootout is what you would expect from the name: the weapon loot has been largely replaced by nothing but sniper rifles.

How to Best Play Sniper Shootout

You will want to do the exact opposite of the last limited-time mode in this one and stay as far away from other players as possible without getting blasted by a headshot in the process. Running around in open fields will be dangerous, so be careful and try not to have predictable movements or linger too long in one place.

If you aren’t a fan of sniping in Fortnite, then this might not necessarily be the game mode for you in the Summer Splash event. But if this is your thing, then great! However, it does seem odd to have this one stick around for two cycles given that not every player likes to snipe or is even good at it, so be sure to bear with this one if you aren’t a fan.

After all, Sniper Shootout will only stick around for four days before it will be replaced by the next of the Fortnite Summer Splash modes. That one is Unvaulted, most likely going to be the one that has changed the most since we last saw it.

Like the last two, it will have two different variations while it is in the event that will make it last for a total of four days. It will begin July 18-19 and feature the duos playlist during this time. This will be followed by the squads version that will happen July 20-21.

Unvaulted Details Revealed

Unvaulted worked before because it does as the name states and takes some items and weapons that were removed from the game previously and brings them back only during this game mode. In addition to that, the overall pool of weapons and items you can find is limited.

This will ensure that you can enjoy checking out the returning weapons that you might not have been able to use in Fortnite for a long time. This is where things get tricky as we do not know what items will be unvaulted in this limited-time game mode.

Epic will likely reveal this info before the release of the Summer Splash mode soon, so stay tuned for that. Given the sheer number of items vaulted over the years across the two chapters and season, there is no telling at all what will come back.

Last but not least, the final mode that we know of in the event currently is the Blitz one. This is an interesting twist on the battle royale match style focused on shorter and intense matches than what you might expect normally.

What You Need to Know About Blitz

There will only be a single round of Blitz that we currently know and it will follow after Unvaulted. Blitz will take place July 22-23 and feature the solo playlist only, so you won’t be able to grab your team for this one or at least not for now.

In Blitz, you play a rather normal match of battle royale, but with the change that it is much faster than usual. As soon as the match begins, the circle is already moving and causing players to think fast to find loot and get to the new storm circle.

Also, the time between each subsequent circle in the match is much shorter and makes for a frantic and faster mode than usual. This can cause mistakes for players who aren’t used to it as you are more likely to have to hurry and avoid the storm, and possibly run into other panicking players at the same time.

At the end of the match, Blitz will make it so that it only lasts for approximately no more than 15 minutes in total, which is slightly less than you might be used to for matches. You need to make every moment count in this game mode as it will be highly challenging and competitive.

There Could Be More Game Modes in the Future

There, we have no other game modes that we know about for the rest of the month or what will come after. Epic already revealed that the Summer Splash event will happen throughout the rest of season three, so it does seem weird to only have this for now.

More than likely, it is because there is an update coming later this month that will likely reveal more of the game modes that are to come. We wouldn’t be surprised if next month, Epic recycles these same modes and uses them again and again until the end of the season.

The data miner who revealed this info also made sure to note that this schedule could change when that update drops in the future, as changes are fairly common when it comes to Fortnite. But for the most part, you can expect these to be the limited-time game modes in the future.


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