Aim Lab Set to Become Rainbow Six Siege Player Development Platform

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Jun, 18th 2021

Ubisoft announced Aim Lab as the new player development platform for their popular first-person shooter esports title, Rainbow Six Siege. The partnership will benefit both ends of the table!

Rainbow Six Siege players will get access to Aim Lab’s scientific training platform and machine learning technology. This will give teams more insight into players’ performances and allow them to do more complex analyses in the future.

In return, Aim Lab will be featured on Rainbow Six Siege’s live broadcast and emphasized as a global partner of the massively popular Rainbow Six Siege Pro Circuit.

“We see Aim Lab as an amazing opportunity to bring innovation to esports, with an interactive training platform to both improve player skill, and provide a snapshot for league broadcast storytelling. Whether you’re a Rainbow Six Siege pro player or just aspiring to become one, Aim Lab will give us a baseline for how we celebrate player skill.” – said Che Chou, Senior Director, Esports at Ubisoft

Aim Lab x Rainbow Six Siege Esports | A Long-Term Partnership

We’re talking about a long-term, multi-year partnership here, one that will only keep expanding in the years to come as both parties seem keen on exploring additional areas crucial for players’ development. 

For instance, players’ Aim Lab stats will be incorporated into the game’s live broadcast. This is meant to maximize players’ training efficiency and “achieve the highest level of competitive play.”

To celebrate the partnership, Aim Lab has announced the so-called Aim Lab Combine Challenge. It’s scheduled to run until June 30 and is tailored specifically for R6S players. The goal is to assess players’ skill level across six tasks and vastly different scenarios.

One last thing – Aim Lab will also have their in-game weapon skin. Aim Lab 24 KARAT is the name, and you can win it by playing the Aim Lab Combine Challenge!


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