After Vulgar Outburst Punk Gets Kicked to Capcom Pro Tour Losers

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 20th 2020

Victor “Punk” Woodley of Panda Global has been punished for remarks made after losing to Alex Myers in the NA West Capcom Pro Tour qualifier. As a result, he will start in Losers for the next qualifying event, set to take place in November.

This is one of the few punitive actions that Capcom has taken against a player in recent months, and especially since the COVID-19 crisis began.

What Did Punk Do to Get Punished?

Capcom released a statement on the situation on their Twitter, which broke down nearly the entire situation at length.

“On August 15 during the North America West 1 Qualifier, Alex Myers defeated Victor “Punk” Woodley. At the conclusion of the match, Punk engaged in unsportsmanlike behavior against tournament organizer Alex Valle on Discord and player Alex Myers on Twitter,” Capcom said in a statement. “This was a clear violation of the CPT Code of Conduct. Under normal circumstances, such behavior would result in a suspension from multiple premiers. However, given the limited number of qualifying events this season, such a ban has excessive consequences. Capcom has therefore ruled that, should he choose to participate, Punk will automatically begin in the losers bracket in the North American West 2 Qualifier in November 2020.”

The behavior in question saw Punk question whether the match played was even viable due to the massive amount of lag present. This caused Punk to insult Valle and the tournament as a whole by saying that raising complaints had done nothing and to “cut out that dispute shit” and “he was not here for that dumb shit.” Eventually, he told Valle to quote “smd” and not to say any disrespectful shit to him ever again. In the aftermath, he called Myers a “bum” on Discord and later went on to tell Myers to “stfu” when he bragged about winning the event. 

“We recognize that this has been a frustrating year, but threats and insults among our top players cannot be tolerated,” Capcom concluded.  “We hope that this ruling closes this issue and that all parties can move on from the incident.”

Punk’s team, Panda Global, did not issue any additional punishment due to the apology that Punk issued on social media before the reprimand came down from Capcom. 

“Now that I had time to cool off I wanna say sorry for blowing up on you Alex Myers, and calling you a bitch,” Punk said in a tweet. “Online gets me so damn mad and cfn is garbage but I overreacted and Im gonna try to get better at being more professional going forward.”

The Blowback From This Decision Towards Capcom

Some fingers in the community were pointed at Carolyn Dao, girlfriend of Alex Myers and social media employee for the Capcom Pro Tour. However, she was quick to head this idea off at the pass.

“I see fingers pointing at me already, so I just want to say that I had no part in this decision or statement and specifically asked not to be part of it,” she said. “I know how the situation is, but I also want to stay professional and impartial.”

The next CPT NA west qualifier for the Capcom Pro Tour will run in November 2020 and by all measures, it appears Punk will be giving it his all. 


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