Afghanistan Bans PUBG, Is Looking Into Other Games

by in PUBG | Dec, 18th 2020

Another country in the world has banned PUBG from being played and downloaded there. The latest one to join the group is Afghanistan, with the country making this Afghanistan PUBG ban after some investigations into the battle royale title and how it affects players. 

Afghanistan Bans PUBG

The Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) decided the Afghanistan PUBG ban this week. In collaboration with the Lower House Communication and Transportation Commission, ATRA has decided to block the battle royale game for now formally. 

Complaints were given from “different entities” regarding the title and a thorough assessment of the game was made. To make sure that this decision was made respectably, the ATRA met with many different organizations and companies.

Many of them include different government offices, like Education, Religious Affairs, and so on. They even consulted with various school leaders, other agencies, parents, and, of course, different PUBG players. After meeting with all of these groups, the Afghanistan PUBG ban was decided.

It is worth keeping in mind that this block on the game is on a “temporary basis considering social and security perspectives,” so there is a possibility that this will not be permanent. We will have to wait and see on, though, as this is a sudden announcement that was made. 

PUBG Was Investigated Beforehand

In the meantime, more investigations are being carried out to find out a more permanent solution for the Afghanistan PUBG ban. ATRA is tasked with developing and finalizing special policies and procedures for regulating the video game industry market as a whole. 

Furthermore, the Authority is looking into more games that could have a negative impact on children. Overall, it seems like the ban of PUBG in Afghanistan might not be the last one to get blocked in the country. There are potentially others out there that could see a similar blocking.

It will ultimately be up to the ATRA and other government agencies to decide which games that might be. We know that the organization is looking into regulating the market for video games in the country more now with this ban. 

This could mean more bans like in PUBG, but it could also mean that there may be more interesting video games coming out of Afghanistan for the rest of the world to see. As part of this, ATRA is looking into providing support for the production and development of video games that comply with Afghani culture and religious values. 

This Likely Means You Can’t Download or Play PUBG Anymore

It would be great to see more games come out of Afghanistan made with a unique Afghani perspective. We have seen more indie games coming out recently from various countries that weren’t too notable for games before, like with what this year’s game of the year contender Raji: An Ancient Epic did for India. 

One thing to note about this ban is that we don’t have the specifics of what exactly it all means for PUBG. Presumably, this includes both downloading and playing the game so that players in the country would no longer be able to download the game on any platform. 

At the same time, it likely means that players will be blocked from accessing the game as well and playing it even if you already have it downloaded on your device. We don’t know, either, though, is what this ban affects for the game. 

Does it just affect PUBG on PC, or does it also affect PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS? Presumably, the ban would be for both versions of the game, especially since the mobile iteration is likely a lot more popular and exciting for players anyway. 

Afghanistan Is Far From the First Country to Ban PUBG

This is far from the first country in the world to ban PUBG outright. It is very likely that it will not be the last one, either. Afghanistan joins India, Nepal, Iraq, Jordan, and Pakistan as the other countries who have already said goodbye to PUBG for their citizens, even if it was only for some time. 

This list of countries is likely to continue growing as more places in the world realize that the somewhat violent battle royale game may not be a good fit for children. However, the violent nature of taking out other players with blood and gory visuals to be the last player standing isn’t the only reason that some countries have banned the game.

Like Iraq, others have noted that it could present a national security threat and was, therefore, banned. Like India, others noted that it was potentially stealing players’ data without direct permission and was no longer available in the country. 

However, these bans have not stopped PUBG Corp., or Krafton after its recent merger, and Tencent from trying to find ways to make PUBG and its mobile counterpart available in various places. In particular, India has been one key location in which PUBG has been trying to get back into.

They have worked so hard to make the game come back there to the point of opening up offices in India to be the direct handlers of PUBG Mobile so that it will be handled by a foreign company that could be seen as a threat to national security. 

It would not be surprising if Tencent and Krafton handled the recent Afghanistan ban similarly, especially since this is temporary. It seems like it could be lifted if the game changed in certain ways to be more appropriate for younger players. 


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