Addiction to Free Fire Leads Player Commit Suicide in India

by in General | Apr, 2nd 2021

Gaming addiction is serious and has led a Free Fire fan to commit suicide recently. Before PUBG Mobile got banned in India, we spoke several times about players who, addicted to the game committed crimes or suicide as a result of their addiction. This is not why PUBG Mobile got banned. Seeing more of these news stories shows that gaming addiction is serious, and is not being treated properly in India. Instead of simply scolding and forbidding things, there has to be a better way. Unfortunately, a Free Fire player in the throes of addiction committed suicide.

Addiction is Incredibly Powerful

A 15-year old boy from Lotus Panache in Sector 110 leapt to his death, after his parents took his phone for playing too much Free Fire. Free Fire’s not all that different from PUBG Mobile either, but it managed to evade the massive ban of applications and games in India. According to Police, the boy was addicted to the game, and after having his phone taken away, would use his father’s phone to play Free Fire.

Even after being discovered, he would install the game, play it on his father’s phone, and then uninstall it/return it to his dad. This is after being caught leaving home and going to parks nearby to play the game in secret.

A police officer involved with the case pointed out the following, after the boy’s father caught him playing Free Fire again:

“He snatched the phone from the boy and scolded him. He asked him to study instead. The boy left the house at 9pm.”

Sadly, the boy with the Free Fire addiction never came home, and instead committed suicide. The next morning, the parents put in a missing person’s report, and near the same time, a report of a boy at the Lotus Panache society was found. Identifying the boy, it was said he may have jumped 30 floors to his death.

It was also said that he was the youngest child and only son, constantly pampered by his parents. He would ignore his parents and play Free Fire instead of studying. It’s a tragic happening, and it seems to keep happening. One thing that could help in India is greater communication. Addiction is a serious problem, whether it’s gaming or any other vice. Parents and children need to be able to come together and talk about these things, instead of simply ignoring and punishing.


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