Activision Takes Aim at Warzone Account Sellers

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 19th 2021

There’s been a lot of talk about hackers in Warzone, but perhaps the account sellers are where Activision needs to really start. Raven Software, the developers of Warzone have been talking about cracking down and improving anti-cheat, but people can always just buy a loaded account through various sellers of Warzone goods online. It sounds like Activision’s going right to the source though, by targeting the account sellers. Right now, Warzone account sellers are reportedly running out of stock, and that’s a bad thing for those hackers. Not everyone buys a cheat engine and just uses it live in-game. Some people just buy accounts that are loaded with everything.

These Pre-Fab Accounts Aren’t Cheap

Warzone is free to play, but it’s not free to get the coolest guns and skins. The best upgrades require you to beat certain challenges, and those also require a great deal of time invested. With that in mind, you can buy an account that’s already hacked, so you have access to all of this already. Players can have hackers take over their accounts to unlock everything, and it’s not cheap. You can wind up spending 300-400 bucks, while accounts with an unlocked Damascus can run you in the low thousands (1-2k). This isn’t as easy to do as before it seems.

Activision has increased its security and that’s made it harder for Warzone account sellers to ply their wares. How? Activision has implemented a captcha system that will slow down the tools hackers use to crack into public lists of previously hacked passwords. These hackers and cheaters tend to have dozens of accounts, and so Activision can track and identify the accounts these people have, and ban all of them. This means the price of cheating goes up. Now you need to have a spoofer to make things work out easily. This new system does target people who have a spoofer, but it won’t stop people from buying accounts. It has however slowed things down.

According to Vice, a Discord user posted the following message about the problem:

“Since accounts are in short supply due to security measures changing, we’ll now be offering a variety of unlock services. In short, we can help you unlock pretty much anything in [Modern Warfare / Cold War].”

Some people seem to be getting out of the game of selling hacked accounts too, but it’s not an immediate fix. It sounds like it has made the amount of hackers hitting Warzone go down to some extent, but we’ll see what actually happens. Between this, players being notified of cheaters being banned, and more waves of regular bans, perhaps Activision is finally taking the problem seriously. The sad thing is that it’s a long time coming. People have been waiting on Activision and Raven Software to take this seriously for well over a year now.


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