Activision Surprise Drops Modern Warfare Patch 1.08 to Fix Some Problems

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 12th 2019

We just covered the most recent update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare, dubbed update 1.07 on the PS4 version of the online first-person shooter, and another update is already on its way. Activision announced that the Modern Warfare patch 1.08 version is available right now for download.

Modern Warfare Update 1.08 Surprise Dropped

Players can download this surprisingly fast update on any of the three main platforms – PS4, Xbox One, and PC – right now and enjoy the changes. While the patch notes aren’t nearly as large as the previous update, the download size for this update is still rather huge.

Players will be expected to download more than 3GB in data for this update, which is a fair bit considering that the patch notes only give us a small glimpse into why exactly it is this large. Modern Warfare patch 1.08 was dropped in the middle of the night and now players can enjoy it.

It all begins with some general fixes that developer Infinity noted in the initial post on Reddit for the patch notes. All it says is that there were some more backend fixes to prevent the crashes and improve the stability across all modes and all platforms for the game online.

That doesn’t tell us much about the update at all except that it should simply run better. However, the crashes part is what is interesting since we just covered how there were some major crashes that certain groups of players were experiencing at this time.

Modern Warfare Update 1.08 Fixes Crashes and Changes Items

The crashes were so bad that it broke the game for them since they are unable to play it at all online. Those players are the ones who have already reached the max level in the game at this time. There is a traditional max level of 55 in the game, but it goes beyond that, too.

Instead of using the prestige system like in previous games, players will not need ever to reset their level 55 max and go back to one to enjoy some extra rewards. Instead, there are around 100 officer ranks that players can level up past the 55 mark to around 155 or so each season.

Every single season, there will be new officer ranks and rewards for players to unlock, like that of a battle pass in other online games. Those 100 or so officer ranks will reset after each season and put everyone back to the normal max level of 55.

However, there is a major issue regarding the officer ranks for this first season currently. There are, of course, players who have already reached the max officer rank in the game and they are finding that there is no way for them to be able to play online currently.

This led to one of the affected players to reach out to an Infinity Ward developer directly on Twitter yesterday. They did, fortunately, receive a response to their inquiry. It was revealed that the next update should fix this issue for them.

Little did we know that the next update for the game would drop the very next day so it is possible that this could have been referring to the new update or the one that would follow it. We don’t know yet at this time until an affected user confirms this, but this update could have fixed those crash issues.

Beyond the general crash and stability fixes, there are some changes that extend on what was offered in the previous update. It all starts with the riot shield item that has some more problems with it fixed. There is a fix for a bug where the player using a riot shield would not take any explosive damage in certain situations in matches.

While the situations aren’t specified, it does seem like that problem should be fixed now. Another issue was fixed where the riot shield would be stowed on the player’s back when using a stim tactical item. The shield should now work as intended when using a stim item.

Footsteps and the sound of them were already addressed in the previous update. But, as promised, they have been updated even further in this patch. Footsteps have always been changed to play walking footstep sounds while the player is in the aim down the sight’s mode and crouching.

The speed in which you can remain using the walking footstep sounds has been increased when the player slightly presses on the thumbstick or button to move. While there were some fixes for challenges in the last update, this latest patch expands upon that even more.

Modern Warfare Update 1.08 Fixes Challenges, Changes Weapons, and More

There is a general fix for the user interface and challenges state getting out of sync at times. The developer will continue to check on this problem and make any additional fixes that are needed in future updates. The DEV ERROR 5476 issue that some players were having with challenges has been resolved, too.

There is a change for the mission challenge called get kills with a burst weapon so that the description for the challenge isn’t super vague anymore. Besides the challenges, there are a couple of changes for one of the maps in multiplayer, too.

The Piccadilly map has been updated so that there is some more fine-tuning when it comes to spawning in the game. This applies to the Team Deathmatch and Domination game modes only, but players should see better spawning from now on in them.

For Domination, specifically, on Piccadilly, there has been an adjustment to one of the flags on the map in the mode. The B flag has been switched to a new location on the map and will now be found near the busses instead of at the center water fountain as before. Players should get prepared for the changed location while playing Domination.

There are further buffs and nerfs for some weapons in Modern Warfare update 1.08 as well. The first of these changes is for the assault rifles in the game. There has been some minor hip spread adjustment, but the change itself is currently unknown. Is it better or worse? We will have to wait and see on that one.

Then there is the 725 shotgun that was plaguing every online match up until this point with its unbelievably powerful stats. It now has been nerfed even further, reducing the range of the weapon so that you can’t shoot it across the map, contrary to what a shotgun is supposed to be like.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 725 Shotgun

The M4 now has increased hip spread, but there is decreased damage to the head in exchange. At the same time, the FAL has reduced recoil so that it is easier to shoot and increased aim down the sights speed. This gives that weapon some much-needed buffs when using it.

The EB-14 also has increased aim down the sights speed to help with zooming in for the shot. For weapons in general, there have been some miscellaneous ammo reserve changes upon spawning into a match so that weapons are more in line with the other weapons in their respective class.

Last but certainly not least for the Modern Warfare patch 1.08 notes, there is a bug fix for a certain problem in the Special Operations mode. The bug where a player using the Overkill perk while wielding an SMG as their secondary weapon was fixed.

What this problem was that players in those conditions who joined a match in progress would spawn on the map without their primary weapon so only having the SMG in their possession. That bug has been fixed in this update so players shouldn’t have to worry too much about their loadout anymore.

For more on the Modern Warfare update 1.08 notes, be sure to check out the full Reddit post here. Though the notes aren’t super large, you can find the developer’s official comments regarding the update plus the general reaction from players in the community there.


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