Activision Shuts Down Call of Duty Cheating Site GatorCheats

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 14th 2020

A long-running Call of Duty cheating website will no longer exist as it has been permanently shut down, reportedly because of Activision. The cheating site GatorCheats will no longer offer players the chance to get an advantage online in multiplayer matches and cheat.

Call of Duty Cheating Site Receives Two Cease and Desist Letters

This was revealed by a cease and desist letter that was reportedly given to GatorCheats’ owner directly from Activision, requesting that the site be removed or else a lawsuit would be given. It was quickly announced that they will no longer give players the chance to cheat on the site.

CharlieIntel picked up the cease and desist letter and it seems that this is a follow up on a previous message that Activision had sent to the cheating company. GatorCheats first heard of the Call of Duty publisher’s request for the site to be taken down a few months back in May this year.

In May 2020, the site complied somewhat with the request to shut down by closing all new sales of their cheating software to customers. New customers would no longer be able to purchase the cheating methods for taking advantage of Modern Warfare and other games to do better unfairly.

This meant that if a new player wanted to cheat in one of the main Call of Duty games, they had to go elsewhere to get that software. However, the problem was that GatorCheats attempted to operate in a loophole that allowed them to continue for a few more months.

Activision Also Reportedly Threatened a Lawsuit

They could continue operating by providing support to those who had already purchased from them before. This was their way of getting around providing cheats to new players while still operating as a business that catered to illegal methods of winning Call of Duty matches.

Fortunately, that only went on for so long before Activision followed up this month with another cease and desist letter. This situation was rather interesting as the letter was hand-delivered to the owner of the GatorCheats site in person this month.

In this particular case, the owner believes that a private investigator working on Activision Blizzard delivered the letter to them at their residence. They believe that the person was an investigator because they knew about their family members by name.

During this month, the cheating site owner also received a clear communication of some sort from Activision Blizzard’s attorneys that they would file a lawsuit if the site didn’t comply with fully shutting down. These string of events led to this huge shift to shutting down the site completely.

This Isn’t the First Cheating Site Shut Down by Activision

As such, no players will be able to use GatorCheats to cheat in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and/or Warzone in the future. This affects both the new players who are looking to start cheating. It also means that existing customers who used the site will no longer have support for their software.

The problem with this is that the existing customers still likely have access to whatever software the cheating site was giving out. Though they are no longer able to update the software and provide direct support, existing customers can still use it.

This is uncertain at this time, but it could mean that this is just stopping new cheaters from using the software, but existing ones could continue to cheat for now. It will then be up to Activision to locate these cheaters in-game and ban them from playing online.

This is far from the first time that Activision has done something like this for cheating sites to crack down on those who are unfairly using cheating software to get ahead in the game. Previously this summer, a lawsuit was filed against the company CXCheats.

These Anti-Cheat Actions Could Be for Black Ops Cold War

The lawsuit led to the site removing all of the cheats that it had for Modern Warfare and Warzone. It seems that Activision Blizzard is, fortunately, serious about not allowing cheating to be so prominent in Call of Duty games. We imagine that this is far from the last cheating site to be shut down.

The owner of GatorCheats has noted that they will never make cheats of any kind for an Activision Blizzard game again in the future. It is uncertain if this means that they will remain in the business, making cheats for other games instead, which would be unfortunate.

Thankfully, it seems that the Call of Duty publisher is committed to making Modern Warfare and Warzone as cheat-free as possible. Some of these Activision actions are likely due to the upcoming release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

The next entry in the franchise will be Black Ops once again and co-developed by famed developer Treyarch and Raven Software. Some fans have long regarded black Ops as the sub-series that is the competitive-centric focal point in Call of Duty.

Many pro players are even excited for the prospect of another Treyarch-developed game with Black Ops Cold War, including some of the current Call of Duty League players. Ensuring that the new title is as cheat-free as possible will ensure that everyone will have the best experience they possibly can when it releases on Friday, Nov. 13.


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