Activision Reportedly Takes Down LA Thieves Video About CDL Trading Cards

by in Call of Duty | May, 28th 2021

The Call of Duty League is full of great characters, some of which are excellent when it comes to social media. One of the best teams in terms of social media presence is the Los Angeles Thieves. And one of the latest creations from the team was their fake CDL trading cards. 

LA Thieves Posted a Fake CDL Trading Cards Video

Perhaps due to their backing from the popular and lively 100 Thieves organization, the LA Thieves team is always great about posting content outside of just the normal Call of Duty League stuff. This is especially the case on their YouTube channel, where they will post interesting videos.

One such video recently was the release of their own proposed Call of Duty League cards. They came up with their ideas of what the possible CDL trading cards could be if they existed. With the rise of trading cards currently, it is a great way to look at what could happen if this league entered that space and a nice break from the Stage 4 matches going on now

To do so, the LA Thieves commissioned the talented designer, vLionMan, who is not only a great creator but the co-founder of the Breaking Point site. With the help of vLionMan, the LA Thieves were able to come up with their own set of CDL trading cards to show off in the recent YouTube video. 

This included cards for the LA Thieves players and some of the other personalities surrounding the team, like content creators for the 100 Thieves and so on. How the video worked is that the team acted like it was a trading card unboxing video, much like the ones becoming massively popular on social media. 

You Can No Longer Access the Video

Places like Twitch and YouTube are becoming home to really popular streams and videos of creators showing off the trading cards that they have acquired. They will open up boxes of the cards from Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering, and so on live for their fans to react to. 

It was similar to those types of streams in that the team opened up the fake CDL trading cards and had their reactions to what vLionMan was able to come up with. It was a great video, but here’s the kicker: if you wanted to watch the video right now, you would not be able to.

vLionMan shared the YouTube video on his Twitter account, tweeting it out as a link. If you were to click on the link at the time of writing this post, you would be sent to a page of a video that is currently set to private. This means that if you do not have direct access given to you, you will not see it.  

This changed about a day after the video was posted where, previously, fans were able to check it out for a little while, and now you cannot. This essentially means that the video has been taken down, and the question remains: who made that happen and why did it even happen in the first place?

This Likely Has to Do With the Upper Deck Deal

This is likely not because of the 100 Thieves organization itself, but something that likely has to do with the publisher and creator of the Call of Duty League: Activision. In the end, this is all about business, and that is what the CDL is, so there are certain rules and regulations set in place. 

While it is all fun and games most of the time, there are times when the business part will come to the forefront, like on this occasion. The potential problem with this CDL trading cards video is that Activision already has a deal in place, or at least did in the past, with Upper Deck’s card company. 

This was when the Overwatch League trading cards came out in association with Upper Deck, offering player cards for the talented stars of that league. There are no such CDL trading cards announced that we know of at this time. However, there is the potential for this to happen in the future. 

And even if it does not happen in the future, there is still the possible existing deal with Upper Deck that could make this look bad if there is a team commissioning someone else to make those cards not associated with the company. 

This Could Indicate Official CDL Cards in the Future

More than likely, though, a deal is being worked on, or one Activision is hoping to make in the future that will allow for official CDL trading cards of the players and teams. That is speculation, of course, but business is business, and if the Overwatch League ones were successful enough, there is the likelihood that we will see ones for the Call of Duty League players, too.

That would, of course, include the squad at LA Thieves plus the other 11 teams in the 2021 season. It will be interesting to see how trading cards compare to the ones created by vLionMan, but you can still see some of them if you head on over to his Twitter account. 

You can see some of the cards that did not make it into the now-removed video, including ones for TJHaLy, SlasheR, Kenny, Enable, and Censor. They are professionally designed and have a nice aesthetic to them, so we will have to wait and see how they stack up against the possible official ones we could get in the future from Upper Deck. 


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