Activision Hack Compromises 500,000 Call of Duty Accounts

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 21st 2020

It’s time to report some upsetting news on the Call of Duty front. On Sept. 20, a gigantic data breach hit Activision, and with it, more than 500,000 players potentially suffered an account hack. Millions of Call of Duty players are now worried about their accounts if this many have been affected. It was confirmed by o’Remyy’ on Twitter, and it’s more than just merely leaking login information, though that’s a part of it.

Is this revenge for the shutting down of GatorCheats and Activision’s new stance on fighting back against hackers and cheaters? There’s no telling if that’s the cause, or if it’s merely people trying to steal other data from gamers.

How Does Activision Lack 2FA?

Do you have an Activision account? Then we recommend you change your password to something you never use. Personally, 2FA should be a staple in any online game. That way, it’s that much harder to steal your information. In many cases, it will send a code to your phone before anyone can sign in. How does Activision not employ a 2FA system? All major online systems seem to, from Steam to Final Fantasy XIV.

Call of Duty players are on notice as of right now, thanks to this terrifying hack. Hackers are using the leaked login information of 500,000 accounts and changing the account details. Once that has happened, the owner can’t log in and access any of their games/info. This Activision account hack is a major compromise of trust and security.

Okami said on Twitter: “Yeah, it’s legit guys. Change your Activision account passwords immediately. Apparently, over 500,000 accounts have been breached already, and it’s still ongoing,”

TheGamingRevolution said that the hackers generated 1,000 accounts every 10 minutes. This could ultimately affect more games than your Call of Duty ones. Any game attached to your Activision account could be affected (like Sekiro).

If the Activision account hack hit you and use that password elsewhere, we highly recommend changing it. Especially if it’s something like a bank account or credit card login, any of your programs linked to Call of Duty (Battlenet, PSN, Xbox) should also be unliked, as well as removing your payment details. There’s no telling if your banking details/saved payment methods have been taken as well, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Should you be affected, you should contact your bank immediately and take your payment details out of your account (if you can get back into your account). That may sound like alarmist nonsense, but there are people out there who will spend your money without a second thought. They already compromised hundreds of thousands of accounts. There’s no telling exactly how many were taken.

It’s also important to note that data breaches like this are used to get access to your other information in many cases. These hackers count on you using the same password in multiple places because it’s easier to remember two or three passwords than 10 or 11. You need to be on your guard right now if you’re an active member of any Activision games.

So far, there’s been no word from Activision, but we want you to be as safe as possible, with this kind of humongous data breach happening. Be secure, be safe, keep an eye on things. Recently, there was a Razer data breach, so you must be safe.


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