Activision Announces Ricochet Warzone Anti-Cheat Software After Threatening Letter

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 13th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone, much like many online multiplayer games these days, has been going through some rough times regarding cheaters lately. Hackers and cheaters are flooding the game with invincibility, perfect aiming from across the map, instant kills, and so on. But that looks to be ending soon with the new CoD Ricochet anti-cheat Warzone software. 

Activision and Raven Send Threatening Letter to Cheaters

It all began earlier this week when Activision and Warzone developer, Raven Software, sent out a threatening letter to Warzone cheaters in an open format. The letter was sent out across social media accounts for everyone to see so that they know that Activision means business this time. 

I woke up early this morning before writing this post to the letter itself in my inbox and simply containing only that. It was a bit disturbing since I was unsure if Activision was pegging me exactly for a moment there, even though I am not one of the guilty parties. 

However, it was just that Activision was making sure to share this Warzone cheaters letter with everyone in the community to ensure that the cheaters worldwide saw it. That was because it was a tease for a later announcement that was just dropped today. 

The publisher and developer together started the letter, addressing it directly to cheaters. Activision noted that it loves games and is its passion, but that cheaters ruin the fun for everyone. No one likes a cheater. That the goal is to “deliver a fun and fair gaming experience.” 

This is not just for the developers making the game, but the fans and every single Call of Duty player out there. The letter stated that cheaters are not welcome in the game and there is no tolerance for them. They will find out soon what that all means. 

Ricochet Warzone Anti-Cheat Software Announced

Then, enter the announcement of the new CoD Ricochet anti-cheat Warzone software today. This was apparently what the letter was alluding to, announcing the new feature that will, hopefully, do its best to prevent more cheaters in Call of Duty Warzone in the future. Here’s everything that we know about it at this time. 

The CoD Ricochet anti-cheat Warzone software is a new initiative that has been announced that is being developed by a highly talented group of professionals who are here to combat unfair gameplay. It is a multi-faceted approach to tackling cheaters that should be robust and successful. 

Some of the software layers include new server tools that monitor analytics to identify cheating that is happening in a match, enhanced investigation processes to find and stop cheaters, updates to account security, and much more.

However, it will take some time before the new CoD Ricochet anti-cheat Warzone software releases in Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard, which it is also coming to. Vanguard will see the new anti-cheating software as soon as it launches, which is great since the open beta had insane cheating in it.

After that, before the end of the year, Warzone will get the software added to it with the launch of the Pacific map update that will formally connect the game directly to Vanguard. Alongside the server changes, a PC-specific kernel-level driver will launch for Warzone in the Pacific update. 

It is only part of the CoD Ricochet anti-cheat Warzone system, but it will heavily benefit PC players and, in turn, console players competing against them through cross-play. It will come to Vanguard at a later date. Here’s what we know about the anti-cheat system at this time. 

Of course, not all information can be shared to avoid cheaters finding out too much too soon, but here’s what we know. Ricochet Warzone includes the aforementioned PC kernel that will rapidly iterate and combat the ever-changing and complicated cheating issue. 

As for what a kernel-level driver is, it essentially is installed on your computer. It is given high-level access to monitor and manage software and applications on PC, including your graphics card driver. It will be able to detect outside software and changes used to cheat more easily. 

It will also be required to install to play Warzone once the Pacific update drops. This driver is only on, though, when you are playing Warzone, and that is it; if you shut down the game, it will also turn off. And it will not monitor and report activity for anything other than Call of Duty. 

Despite this new kernel driver, Activision notes that player reporting is still crucial to the anti-cheat system. Players are still encouraged to report any found cheaters in matches as that will always help identify and take them down. 

Another layer in the CoD Ricochet anti-cheat Warzone system is the machine learning feature. It will examine gameplay data, find trends in cheating, and help to identify suspicious behavior. As always, players are also encouraged to have two-factor authentication enabled to help with this. 

The CoD Ricochet anti-cheat Warzone system sounds great in theory and could help to shut down cheating for a while. However, the issue that we can immediately see has to do with console players. This is only available on PC, which is a problem since cheating has recently become easily accessible on console. 

Then there is the fact that the kernel driver is only online when Warzone is online. There seems room for cheaters to find a way around this part and perhaps even trick the driver into going silent while playing. For now, though, we will have to hope that it will do what it can to combat the ever-growing threat of cheaters in battle royale and prevent Vanguard from reaching the same levels of unfair gameplay online. 


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