A Warzone Team Banned During Twitch Rivals in Cheating Controversy

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 22nd 2021

Not every accusation of cheating turns out to be true. During the Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Warzone event, a Call of Duty Warzone team was banned towards the end for allegedly cheating. This was a tournament for serious money, where the winning team comes away with 45,000 dollars. That kind of money can lead to paranoia and extended scrutiny. Especially in a game where anti-cheat feels non-existent. In this tournament, several Warzone vets were calling out a trio, accusing them of cheating.

Is It True?

METZY_B, kryptic-j0ker and Unifyz wound up disqualified after accusations of cheating in the Warzone Twitch Rivals event came to light. The team were about to head into the final day of match-ups when this went down.

Caleb ‘WavePunk’ Simmons spoke about the ban:

“Based on the evidence submitted from various sources in and out of the tournament, [Twitch has] determined that [their] gameplay was unnatural beyond a reasonable doubt.”

METZY_B was the one that was accused the most, finding his accuracy and reaction time to be unrealistic. This caused Tommey, the resident Warzone investigator to take a look. Suspicion of auto-aim was apparent, as it seems the player was instantly locking onto an enemy via a clip.

Lack of Anti-Cheat a Major Problem

One of the major problems here is the lack of serious anti-cheat. Without it, Warzone is going to lose credibility with each and every tournament. We can’t end a week without at least one new glitch showing up or accusations of cheating coming up. However, METZY_B joined a Discord call with Tommey to clear his name.

METZY_B showed the programs he was using, showed his PC and other things to prove he was simply skilled, and not cheating. The accusations that were going around on social media started to disappear, and even Tommey determined he was wrong this time. He’s only human and isn’t going to get it right every time. It’s just really unfortunate this team lost out because of people thinking something was wrong.

Tommey spoke about it on Twitter:

Until actual anti-cheat comes to the game, this kind of thing is going to continue. People will cheat and get away with it, and people who play well will get accused, and lose out on money. The integrity of the Warzone tournament community is spiraling down the drain thanks to moments like this. We’re not the only ones who think so. NICKMERCS spoke about it on Twitter as well:

“Unfortunately without anti-cheat, authentic Warzone tournaments just aren’t possible anymore. We learned a lot from those Gauntlets & I’ve been tellin’ y’all.. There’s too much cheese & way too many rats. Bob & weave baby.”

What do you think though? Is it not a big deal? Or do you think this anti-cheat issue is ruining a classic FPS esport? We’d love to know what you think on social media.


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