A Twitch Leak Reveals Eleven Is Coming to Street Fighter 5

by in Fighting Game News | Feb, 11th 2021

Oh, Twitch, you’ve done it again. You’ve managed to disappoint a huge group of people, but this time, it’s not really your fault. Twitch may have accidentally let the next Street Fighter 5 character leak – Eleven, from the Street Fighter 3 backstory. An email came about that stated the Winter Update will feature an exclusive look at the newest character, Eleven. ELEVEN?! The prequel to the blandest character in Street Fighter 3, Twelve?


The Final Street Fighter 5 Character Could Be Eleven

2015 gave us Street Fighter 5 in the first place, and so far, we know that the characters added in this latest pack are: Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama (Rival Schools). We should know this is confirmed a bit later today, but wow. How did we get Eleven as the character leak for Street Fighter 5? There might be some people that don’t know who Eleven is in the first place. He’s actually already in SF5 in a cutscene.

Eleven is shown during Urien’s story mode and is a shapeshifting humanoid. If you’ve played Street Fighter III: Third Strike, you might remember the bland, colorless Twelve. He has bladed hands and is a more powerful shapeshifter. He has virtually no character and tends to copy the taunts/quotes of other characters.

Created by the Secret Society, Eleven’s current story is as follows:

“Eleven is an earlier prototype of Twelve created by the Secret Society’s Dr. Woo, produced by reforming plants rather than animals. Urien has Eleven transform into a copy of himself to test its abilities, and causes heavy damage to it. Not satisfied, Urien tells Dr. Woo to improve it. It is later re-purposed by Kolin as raw material to resurrect Nash.”

This is the most disappointing character leak in Street Fighter 5, thanks to it being Eleven. It could have been virtually anyone. There are so many interesting characters that could have been used as a cross-promotion or someone from the Street Fighter universe. Instead, we get a boring, plain Eleven, who looks like Pyros, but with the fun sucked clear out of him.

The actual broadcast for the Winter Update in Street Fighter 5 is going to be today at 11 am CT, across Capcom’s channels (Twitch and YouTube). If this is the real character that we’re going to get, I cannot imagine people being excited about him. At least the Winter Update will give us the release date for Dan Hibiki (finally).

With rumors that Street Fighter 6 is in the works, but without Yoshinori Ono, this might be a bit of a wet bag to go out on. I’m all for new characters being given a shot, but Eleven feels so disappointing. I can only hope I’m wrong, and that he’s awesome and interesting. We’ll know by the end of the day, it sounds like.


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