A Live-Action Pokemon Series Might be Coming to Netflix

by in Entertainment | Jul, 27th 2021

Netflix is continuing to be on a roll this year since their announcement to add actual games to the platform. While the way that this gaming content is going to be added to the subscription service hasn’t been explained yet, Netflix is continuing its pursuit of more gaming-related content, this time they’re tackling a massive franchise and bringing it into real life, that franchise is Pokémon. Pokémon, being the massive global franchise that it Is, is no stranger to films and shows, and Netflix has been the service that the show is spending the most time on, with versions of the show like Pokemon Indigo League, and Pokemon Journeys, being hosted on the streaming giant. However, things are going to ramp up soon, as Variety has announced that they’ve received exclusive information about a Live-Action Pokemon series being in the works at Netflix. 

What’s Netflix’s Background in Video Game Adaptations?

Now, Netflix isn’t a stranger to the concept of live-action gaming adaptions. Consider something like the Witcher Series, while it’s more like the books rather than the games developed by CDPProjekt Red, the show still holds the same charm and style that the Witcher series is known for. However, aside from Live Action shows, they’re also making a plethora of other adaptions of games into animated shows, with their DOTA anime, another Witcher Project which is also animated, as well as the Cuphead Show, and they recently released Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Anime. Netflix is also continuing its gaming series by announcing projects based on Splinter Cell and Far Cry. 

Their track record for live-action shows is very hit or miss, but with the right people backing the project, there’s a chance that the Pokemon live-action show is going to be something special. This is furthered by the information garnered by Variety, as they’ve stated that the show is going to be written by Joe Henderson, the man behind the comic adaption of Lucifer, which ran on Fox for 3 seasons, and then was picked up by Netflix for the last 3 Seasons, with the upcoming 6th season being the end for the show. Joe Henderson is going to be a writer, and Executive Producer on the Pokemon Netflix live-action show, however, this show hasn’t revealed what the plot of the series is going to be about. The only information that fans have to go off of is that it’s going to resemble the previous attempt at a Live-Action Pokemon project, which was Detective Pikachu, which had Ryan Reynolds playing the part of a wise-cracking, coffee-drinking Pikachu, who was followed by Justice Smith.

Should We Be Concerned?

Many fans are worried about the prospects of a live-action Pokemon that’s going to come from the streaming giant, as the one thing that the show is known for, Pokemon, is going to be CGI, the main issue being that Detective Pikachu was a full feature-length AAA production, which meant a lot of the budget for the show was used to make the Pokemon fit into the world of the movie, and while the Pokemon looked realistic, they felt like they belonged in the world. However, the budget for that sort of CGI will most likely not be afforded to the Netflix show, which means that a lot of fans are wondering how the Pokemon are going to look in the show. 

However, with a writer like Joe Henderson behind the project, there’s a good chance that the writing for the show is going to surprise players if Joe knows enough about the property to do it justice. Netflix’s push to adapt projects into live-action has also been very hit or miss, with announcements from the streaming giant that they’re working on a One Piece and Cowboy BeBop live-action project. The main issue about these shows is that Netflix tends to bend the rules when it comes to making the show feel normal to the storytelling, whether that’s changing the story to fit the Modern sensibilities of the brand, or changing the cast of the project. One of the previous victims of the Live-Action treatment was the Death Note film made for Netflix, which was critically panned, citing that while the CGI for the character Ryuk was surprisingly good, the whole plot of the film left too much to be desired from the cast, as well as the fact that the show loosely followed the anime adaption, and felt less like an adaption and more like an alternate universe where the only remaining pieces of the show were the names of the characters. 

Regardless, the Pokemon live-action project is in its early stages, meaning that fans of Pokemon will most likely not know anything about the project until it’s being filmed if the project continues any further than the conceptualization of the show. 


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