A Hidden Message in Apex Legends Links Mirage to Titanfall 2 Characters

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 18th 2021

Secrets in online games are always a really curious thing to see. Sometimes we get glimpses of new guns, new modes, things of that nature. But this sneaky reveal makes us wonder if we’re going to see a crossover in the future. This all comes from a very contentious map – Kings Canyon. What do we find on this iteration of Kings Canyon? The Mirage Voyage airship. Ultimately, this all leads to a lore drop. It sounds like Apex Legends’ own Mirage is related to some characters in Titanfall 2.

Is this a teaser of a Titanfall 2 crossover in Apex Legends? A shared universe? A new Titanfall game? We can only speculate!

Leave A Message And She’ll Call You Back

Sure, not everybody loved King’s Canyon. However, now that it’s back, it’s being met with a fair amount of praise. This ps perhaps mostly for the Mirage Voyage being in the King’s Canyon map for the first time. But what else did we find? There’s a voice message on this map and has a call between Mirage and two of the characters from Titanfall 2.

Evelyn Witt (Mirage’s mother) imitates Kuben Blisk from Titanfall 2 and then goes on to talk about her brother Droz. Then Davis is also mentioned. If these names sound kind of familiar, they were in ‘The 6-4’ mercenary group and worked together with Jack Cooper in Titanfall 2. Seeing these Titanfall 2 references in Apex Legends, especially connected to Mirage is definitely interesting. The best part though is that they don’t feel forced at all.

Shrugtal calls it a “MASSIVE NUCLEAR LEVEL LORE DROP FROM MIRAGES PHONE” and boy did they hit the nail right on the head! Respawn shoots down ideas of a Titanfall 3 anytime it’s brought up (which of course makes people cross). That said, there are still plenty of links between the games, which teases fans and gives them hope for the future.

This Mirage link to Titanfall 2 in Apex Legends is just awesome. I hope to keep seeing stuff like this come up so we can have plenty more exciting lore. There is lots of speculation on this one, like Evelyn (Mirage’s mother) is only really related to Droz by blood, and Davis is a brother in arms. That’s still a powerful, brotherly bond. All I know for sure is that this is awesome, and I hope that we see even more obvious ties between the games in the future.


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