A CoD Hacker Shows How Warzone Hacks Work

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 14th 2021

We can’t seem to get away from Warzone hacking. As long as Activision refuses to put useful, solid anti-cheat into their games, we’re going to keep hearing about hacking. But this might be the most fascinating of the hacking pieces. A Facebook streamer, Boricua Rage Gaming shows how CoD Warzone hacks work through his livestreams. He considers himself a ‘modder’, not a ‘hacker’, but if you’re using hacks and cheats, you’re a hacker. That’s just how it is.

But we give him credit for his honesty and transparency. He shows how he cheats, despite the devs efforts to put cheating to a halt.

Rampant Cheating Across Warzone

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War doesn’t have anti-cheat worth recognizing. But this goes back before the current game. Warzone dropped last year, in March. It’s a huge Battle Royale and has seen a pretty hefty amount of bans. At least people get banned for cheating in that, instead of being allowed to continue on in tournaments. In September, there were about 20,000 accounts banned for hacking. Sadly, that did nothing to stop people from cheating.

Not when you can just make new accounts. Boricua Rage Gaming spoke to Rara on Youtube recently and said how easy it is to use hacks in CoD Warzone and make them work. How did he get into using hacks though? He died to a player using hacks, and began using them himself. He considers himself a modder as we said above. Why? Because he isn’t the one who broke the game. That sounds like splitting hairs though.

Using a hack is hacking in the game. That’s how the developers term it. So how do the CoD Warzone hacks work? It sounds like the key is to find a website you trust. He makes sure that he can spoof his IP address (to hide it), and makes sure the hack he purchases also has AIM FOV (the ability to control an aimbot’s field of view and distance) as well as ESP. That reveals the information of other users, such as through walls, and even what weapons they have.

He hasn’t evaded a full ban though. In fact, during the September ban, he lost about 80 accounts. He’s not stressed about it, apparently. He has a “buddy who hooks them up”, so he’s able to just keep playing. There’s no real way to not get banned, but one trick is to keep making accounts.

According to Boricua Rage Gaming, this bypasses shadow bans and permanent bans, and the hackers are constantly working to update their software. As the dev anti-cheat detection figures out the current cheats, then they update them for their users. So that’s how CoD Warzone hacks work in the simplest way. If you’re curious to see them in action, Boricua Rage Gaming is where you can see them. We by no means advocate cheating or hacking, but if you’re curious, you can see them in action there.


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