2021 MSI On-Air Broadcast Talent Announced

by in League of Legends | May, 4th 2021

The on-air broadcast team for 2021 MSI has just been announced and, needless to say, it’s packed to the brim with fan-favorite casters, hosts, and analysts all of whom have been lending their voices (and seemingly endless reservoirs of charisma) to competitive LoL over the years! 

This year’s talent line-up

This moment might not seem all that exciting, but finding out who’ll cast the biggest tournaments of the year always carries a fair of weight. Firstly, it’s an indication that mere days are separating us from an international competition — that alone is a big enough reason to celebrate! Secondly, it gives us a glimpse at what kind of broadcast we’ll be seeing come game time. The talent itself defines the energy and flow of the broadcast. Moreover, casters and analysts all differ in the way they do things. Some are quick-witted, always prepared to make a joke and have a bit of fun. Others, however, treat each game with the utmost precision and seriousness.

Fortunately, Riot always tries to weave in both whenever they assemble their on-air broadcast teams, and the 2021 MSI is no different in that regard! We’ll have the honor of listening to some of competitive LoL’s most prominent personalities, including those from North America (LCS), Europe (LEC), Korea (LCK), and China (LPL).

A Couple of Surprises

The fact that Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau and Kim “Wadid” Bae-in will both join in on the fun is definitely a positive surprise! They have a vast amount of knowledge along with the ability to verbally explain some of the more nuanced aspects of the game.

Given the current state of the world and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all casters will be casting from their respective studios throughout the tournament, with the analyst desk being “anchored” in the LEC Studio in Berlin, Germany. James “Dash” Patterson will be the only host on-site. Not the easiest thing to pull off logistics-wise, but Riot have already done it back in 2020 for the World Championship so they have ample experience and will surely deliver yet again.

The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational is scheduled to begin on May 6, so mark your calendars as we’re bound to be entertained beyond measure!


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