2021 LEC Summer Split Finals to Take Place Inside the Berlin Studio

by in League of Legends | Aug, 20th 2021

The 2021 LEC Summer Split finals will now officially take place in the LEC Studio in Berlin, Germany. An unfortunate bit of news, no doubt, but also somewhat unsurprising — the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic still hasn’t been subdued enough so as to guarantee everyone’s safety, so it’s best to just play it safe and await better days.

It’s been a while since fans had last attended the LEC in person (March 2020, to be more exact) and, by the looks of it, they’ll have to wait for 2022 (at the earliest) for things to return back to normal.

“While we are constantly assessing the local regulations closely, we are set to host the LEC Summer Finals 2021 from our Studio in Berlin. So keep your eyes open, as we have something special cooked up for our pre-show and you definitely don’t want to miss that,” as per the official announcement.

The Status Quo Is Changing

No one’s all too happy about this, but at least the playoffs have been extremely exciting and have given us a ton to talk about. Rogue and MAD Lions have already punched their tickets to the 2021 World Championship which means that one of the former “Kings” (i.e. G2 Esports and Fnatic) won’t be able to attend. The LEC is finally changing and it’s happening before our very eyes, too. 

What’ll happen and who’ll eventually hoist the LEC trophy is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for certain: we’ll be entertained beyond measure no matter the final outcome! Tune in tomorrow for the LEC Summer Split finals as Rogue and MAD Lions are scheduled to clash in the upper half of the bracket, with G2 Esports awaiting the winner of Fnatic vs. Misfits Gaming. 

There’s just a single 2021 Worlds ticket left, with some of the most venerable LEC teams vying for it. Predicting any kind of outcome would be a fool’s errand, but if things pan out as expected, we should definitely be in for one heck of a photo finish!


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