2021 LEC Spring MVP, Rookie, and Coaching Staff of the Split Announced

by in League of Legends | Apr, 12th 2021

The 2021 LEC Spring Split is officially over and, as always, at the very tail end of the playoffs, a slew of exceptional individuals — including the MVP, Rookie, and Coaching Staff of the Split — have been awarded for their excellence.

2021 LEC Spring Split MVP — A Familiar Face

2021 LEC Spring Rookie of the Split

MAD Lions’ staggeringly talented “rookie” jungler Javier “Elyoya” Prades has received the most votes from his peers, analysts, and media and has been proclaimed as the Rookie of the Split! Needless to say, he’s more than worthy of such a prestigious title!

Throughout the entire regular season, Elyoya has been one of MAD Lions’ most important catalysts and has stood out in all the right ways. With a 4.8 KDA (second-best), 73.7% Kill Participation (first), 29% Kill Share (first), 16.6% Death Share (second-best), and 41% First Blood rate (third-best), it’s impossible not to consider him as a premier jungling behemoth. And, to make matters even more impressive, Elyoya created his own leads — rarely did his teammates push him over the finish line.

He’s first in Gold and Experience Differentials at the ten-minute mark and second in [email protected], which means he was the driving force behind MAD Lions’ success. It all began in the jungle, and the leads Elyoya created — most of which were quite imposing — were always transferred over to the rest of his team.

His allies, of course, played an integral part as well, but Elyoya performed and delivered when it mattered most. He did have a somewhat slow start, but as the split progressed he grew and developed in the most important of ways and quickly solidified his spot at the very top of the region.

Of course, Elyoya has a ton of experience (and a slew of other awards, including LVP MVP) from the “little leagues” but no one could’ve foreseen such an impressive showing — he took very little time to prove his worth and deliver in one of the most competitive regions in the world, and a league known for its incredible junglers.

An spectacular showing through and through. To enter the league, get Rookie of the Split, and become champion in just a couple of months is truly an astonishing achievement.

2021 LEC Spring Coaching Staff of the Split

Last but certainly not least, Rogue’s coaching staff was the recipient of an award that, while somewhat overlooked, is still incredibly important. These individuals worked tirelessly (and quite effectively) with a singular goal in mind: to mold Rogue into a bona fide contender. And, needless to say, they succeeded admirably. Rogue’s entire LEC tenure has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. They went from being a bottom-tier dweller all the way to challenging for the LEC throne. And this wasn’t a one-off thing either: they truly are the next “breed of LEC talent” and watching them evolve and adapt has been a chief delight of the post-franchising LEC era.

Talented players are always a necessity, but talent alone means very little without a coaching staff that can guide and nurture it appropriately. Fortunately for Rogue, their coaching staff has definitely been up to the task and the same goes for the individual players as well.

Unfortunately for the boys in blue, just a single win separated them from becoming the LEC champions; still, the fact that they have failed to close things out in no way diminishes their valiant efforts. Rogue’s overall growth was on full display on so many occasions throughout the split and they should keep their heads high for they’ve already left an indelible mark in LEC history.


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