2020 World Championship Groups Draw Show Results

by in League of Legends | Sep, 16th 2020

The draw show is always a load of fun. Players and fans across the globe let their imaginations run rampant, theorycrafting to no end. Everyone wants to see their favorites succeed, and whether or not they stand a chance often starts with the group they’re slotted in and the teams they eventually have to face. So let’s go over the many stacked 2020 World Championship groups to see who had a bit of luck on their side, and who’ll have to go above and beyond to secure a spot in the Knockout stage!

2020 World Championship Groups | Play-In Stage

Worlds always starts with the Play-In stage. This is, naturally, the least exciting part of the tournament. Still, with multiple fan-favorite teams (from several major regions), this year’s Play-Ins will be more than worthy of your attention. Most fans will tune in because of Team Liquid, MAD Lions, and LGD Gaming, but there are a couple of dark horses in here as well.

With the two PCS teams not being able to make it to Shanghai, Riot managed to come with a pretty darn exciting Play-In format — one that has more Best of 5s! That, in short, is always a positive thing, both for the fans and the teams competing. 

Play-Ins Groups

Group A is somewhat clear-cut. Team Liquid and MAD Lions stand atop as the two most talented and stacked teams out of the five that’ll compete. Still, the TCL champions Papara SuperMassive and CBLOL’s INTZ want to play spoiler and they also have the tools to compete. Well, at least for a bit. SuperMassive, specifically, has a couple of names that might ring a bell: Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon, Berkay “Zeitnot” Aşıkuzun, and No “SnowFlower” Hoi-jong. This is quite a dangerous line-up and if they perform up to expectations, they definitely stand a chance of pulling off an upset, at least early on during the initial slew of Best of 1s. INTZ is no slouch either. While CBLOL didn’t accomplish much over the last couple of years, their teams are still as dangerous and resilient as ever. 

Group B, however, is a bit less “spicy.” LGD Gaming is the obvious favorite. Heck, maybe that’s even an understatement. PSG Talon and V3 Esports are both fairly good, but the Unicorns of Love are undoubtedly the second best team, should they perform as well as everyone expects. They hold a 35W-2L regular season record and have made quick work of their opposition over in the CIS region. They are, without a doubt, favored to reach the Group Stage along with LGD.

In the end, Team Liquid (LCS), MAD Lions (LEC), LGD Gaming (LPL), and Unicorns of Love (CIS) are considered as the biggest favorites. That said, they’ll have to fight tooth and nail to advance further into the tournament. 

2020 World Championship Groups | Group Stage

The Group Stage is where the fun begins.

Group A is obviously the easiest group (or “group of life” if you will), with G2 Esports and Suning being the top dogs. Machi Esports hail from Taiwan, a region known for its aggressiveness and talent, but they shouldn’t be able to accomplish much against the LEC champions and third-best team from the LPL — a region where the top four teams are separated by the slimmest of margins. 

If the Play-In stage resolves as expected, the two only teams that can slot into group A would be the Unicorns of Love and Team Liquid. No one’s expecting much in the case of the former — this might be the “group of life” but it’s still packed with talent. Team Liquid, on the other hand, might stand a chance of leaving a mark. Then again, if they don’t diversify their arsenal in time for Worlds, that’ll probably remain an optimistic stretch.

Group Stage Groups

Group B, on the other hand, is one of two “groups of death.” In other words, it’s packed to the brim with some of the most dangerous teams on the planet — and LEC’s Rogue. Simply put, both DAMWON Gaming and JD Gaming have all the right tools to get out of Groups and go all the way to the 2020 World Championship finals. Rogue, while talented, simply can’t compete. That said, they won’t go down without a fight.

Much like in group A, that last spot is basically reserved for either Team Liquid or Unicorns of Love. Unlike group A, however, neither team will stand a chance of making it out if DAMWON and JD Gaming perform up to expectations. 

Group C is a pretty fun group consisting of the LCS champions Team SoloMid, the former “Kings of Europe” Fnatic, and former World Champions Gen.G. It’s not an easy group by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s no clear-cut favorite either. Gen.G might be best on paper, but nothing is guaranteed until we see them perform on stage. There’s one unfortunate fact for these three teams, however: if LGD Gaming get out of the Play-In stage (and are accompanied with three of the teams we’re all expecting to make it out), they’ll automatically slot into group C. They might be China’s fourth seed, but they’re every bit as dangerous and mechanically gifted as the rest of their LPL peers. Calling them a favorite in the group this early on might be a bit premature, but it’s by no means unreasonable.

Finally, to close things out, we have group D, the second “group of death.” With Top Esports and DragonX competing, the first two spots are all but locked in. FlyQuest are a very dangerous and highly resilient bunch, but they’ve never faced anyone as talented and layered as the LPL champions and the second seed from the LCK. And neither have the MAD Lions, the only team that could go into group D should the Play-In stage resolve as expected. Regardless, all four teams love to skirmish and will fight for every inch of the Summoner’s Rift. This means we’re bound to witness a metric ton of action from the moment they step foot on stage to compete.

October can’t come soon enough!

Closing Remarks

Overall, we have four quite different groups on our hands for the 2020 World Championship, and all of them being equally exciting. The only teams that are truly favored to leave a mark hail from the LPL. Everyone else, however, will have to prove their mettle on the biggest of stages. G2 Esports and DAMWON are also held in quite high regard, but they need to deliver and perform if they intend to keep up with China. Going forward, the margin for error is non-existent. 

In any case, this is shaping up to be one of the most exciting World Championships in history!


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