2020 Virtual New Year’s Eve Experience to Focus Heavily on Esports

by in Entertainment | Dec, 10th 2020

At the end of each year, the mesmerizing Times Square in New York turns into a proper party avenue. Tens of thousands of people come to the Big Apple to celebrate a brand-new year. This time around, things will be slightly different. Obviously, the pandemic is still going strong with social distancing and lockdown measures active across the globe. This means New York’s traditional Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration is out of the equation. But, there has to be a way for people to celebrate a fresh start, right?

Well, there is – 2020 Virtual New Year’s Eve is the name and it promises to give everyone a virtual NYE experience unlike any other! From December 19th, 2020 through January 3rd, 2021, Ultimate Gamer will host a plethora of gaming streams in collaboration with popular esports teams and prominent community figures. The event has all the makings of a proper spectacle, which is why it needs all the exposure it can get! It’s not every day we see esports make it into something as mainstream as NYE celebrations!

“It is our hope that the planned virtual events offer a refreshed and innovative way to ring in the new year and create loyalty among the younger generation to this novel version of New Year’s Eve. With over 2.7 billion gamers in the world, it’s time that one of the most-watched global events focuses its attention on this rapidly evolving audience. By providing a modern twist to a historic event, we are in essence symbolically passing the torch to the next generation and entrusting them to create highly entertaining and memorable experiences for years to come.” – Steve Suarez, CEO of Ultimate Gamer

You can read our Interview with Steve Suarez here!

2020 Virtual New Year’s Eve: Ultimate Gamer and Jamestown Joint Venture

The hard-working folks over at Ultimate Gamer are making their presence known! They’ve been doing a lot of good things for the esports/gaming community, bringing fans together and creating a unique environment that’s focused around competitive players across numerous esports.

However, they are not alone in this whole ordeal! Ultimate Gamer has partnered up with the international real estate firm Jamestown for this massive project. Together, they will bring forth the most mesmerizing, lucrative, and above all – socially distant – New Year’s Eve program ever!

Here’s a quick look at the key facts on 2020 Virtual New Year’s Eve:

  •  2020 VNYE starts on December 19th and lasts through January 3rd next year. HipHopGamer, Jobless Gamer, Misfits Gaming and FURIA are just some of the names that will be included in the show.
  • Throughout this period, Ultimate Gamer will host a series of events in Valorant, Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Fortnite.
  • In addition to the main esports VNYE spectacle, Ultimate Gamer has teamed up with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. They will be raising funds to support people living with paralysis by hosting esports events and producing educational content.

Everyone will be watching how 2020 Virtual New Year’s Eve unfolds. It’s the first large-scale event of such kind, which will make it the center of attention long before the kickoff. Ultimate Gamer and Jamestown ought to make this a special occasion! They have the expertise and the know-how needed to bring such a massive event to life. That said, we at EsportsTalk can’t wait for the action to start!

Fingers crossed 2020 Virtual New Year’s Eve exceeds everyone’s expectations…


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