The 2020 LEC and LCS Playoffs Are Set

by in League of Legends | Aug, 10th 2020

We are mere days away from the LEC and LCS playoffs! After nine action-packed weeks filled with upsets and unexpected twists and turns, we finally know who will take on whom over the next couple of weeks. The split is by no means over. One could argue that the best is yet to come with many teams separated by the slimmest of margins.

Even though we’ve been entertained beyond measure over the last nine weeks, the lack of consistency from almost all 20 teams involved is quite worrying. It is as if a nuanced shift in the meta happened mid-split, therefore shrinking the gap between top and bottom-tier teams seemingly overnight. Then, all of a sudden, there were no favorites. Fortunately, in the true Western League of Legends fashion, the broader picture was crystalized by the end of the split’s regular portion. It became obvious that Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, and FlyQuest reigned supreme over in North America, with Rogue, MAD Lions, G2, and Fnatic ending up at the top in Europe. Schalke 04 pulled off a miracle run for the history books.

Even though the playoff schedule is finalized, there’s still a ton of uncertainty in the air. For example, Rogue looks like a spectacular team in one game before making the most baffling, egregious mistakes in another — “rookie-like” some might say. The same can be said for Liquid, who’ve become the Jekyll and Hyde of the LCS. They’ll dominate beyond measure on Saturday before turning into the quintessential LCK team with a super late game-focused draft and zero proactivity early on. Their synergy (or lack thereof) with Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen is also worrying, and it may or may not end up hindering their chances of reclaiming their LCS throne. Flawed though they are, it’s hard to discuss their weaknesses when they’ve found a way to ascend to first place. After all, these aren’t severe faults if the rest of the LCS cannot exploit them.

Either way, there’s a bevy of reasons to tune in, and with both regions now shifting to Best of 5s, we’re bound to witness a metric ton of quality play from everyone involved.

LCS Playoff Schedule

Team SoloMid will take on the Golden Guardians this Thursday, with FlyQuest facing Evil Geniuses a day later. The winner of each match will then face off with Cloud9 and Team Liquid, respectively. Dignitas and 100 Thieves will await in the Loser’s Bracket.

This updated LCS playoff format, while certainly not without its flaws, will provide us with a lot more Best of 5s, and it’ll also give certain teams (those that are better ranked) a chance at redemption, should they fail to start on the right foot.

LEC Playoff Schedule

The LEC playoff format didn’t change this split, which means we still have the six best European teams competing for a shot. SK Gaming and Schalke 04 will face off on Friday in the Losers’ Bracket, with G2 Esports and MAD Lions fighting on Saturday (a highly anticipated Best of 5 with region-wide implications). Finally, Rogue and Fnatic will close things out on Sunday. This is also a good time to mention that the LEC will be sending four teams to the upcoming World Championship in China, with Rogue already being locked in.

All three Best of 5s are insanely exciting. We can’t wait to see these teams back in action. This time in a much more entertaining (and competitive) format! For a more official look at the upcoming playoff schedule, you can check out the official LoL Esports website.


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