100T Rated Returns to Warzone After False Shadowban

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 5th 2021

Rated did well enough in Warzone tournaments to get signed to 100 Thieves, but he was the victim of a shadowban. A shadowban is when a player receives a series of reports (usually unverified) and is thus punished for it. Even if the player has done nothing wrong, they’ll easily be able to tell if they’re being punished. The player will see incredibly long times to queue and will be in lobbies with other players who are cheating/hacking in Warzone.

4 Hours Without a Single Lobby

Thankfully, Rhys “Rated” Price is back after the Warzone shadowban, but it’s a shame that he got plucked in the first place. It’s not like Rated is a nobody in the scene either. A former CoD Pro, he stomped his way through enough Warzone tournaments to be picked up by a team like 100T. Rated streams Warzone daily, is a performer for one of the biggest orgs in the CoD scene, yet somehow, he still got enough reports to warrant a Shadowban. He said this on Twitter:


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