100 Thieves to Return to CSGO with Renegades Roster

by in CS:GO | Oct, 31st 2019

After a month of teasing and rumors, including that they were going to pick up NRG’s roster, 100 Thieves has finally confirmed the new CSGO roster for their highly anticipated return to the scene.

In a video on their YouTube Channel, the team announced that they were picking up the squad that formerly belonged to Renegades, which features AZR, Jks, Jkaem, Liazz, Gratisfaction, and coach Kassad.

Renegades Drops the Ball… Again

The news was leaked earlier this morning by Dekay, and was accidentally confirmed in a now-deleted tweet by Renegades.

The org was quickly condemned for stealing the thunder of 100 Thieves’ announcement, only piling on more embarrassment for an org that has been making gaffe after gaffe with their social media since rumors that they were dropping their roster began.

The org had previously denied a report by Dekay that the players’ contracts were set to expire soon, though quickly backed down and deleted their denial shortly after.

It was followed up by a now rather embarrassing tweet by the org that we would be seeing more of them and their roster in the future, which ended with a highly mockable “mic drop.”

An Exciting Future

The future looks bright for 100 Thieves with their new CSGO roster, especially as their recent run of form has seen the team reach the top seven on the HLTV global power rankings, with top four finishes at both the Berlin Major and StarSeries Season 8.

While the team won’t likely be winning a Major if EG and Astralis maintain their form, the team can definitely take some big wins when neither of them shows up for an event, and could easily make deep runs at any T1 event they show up at.

Given that 100 Thieves has promised to really push the content side of the roster, this could be a great recipe for a boom in popularity for this squad, which of course will draw more and more sponsors to the org.

The team will also be retaining all of its league spots with the org move, along with their Legends spot at the next Major in Spring 2020, and we’ll get our first glimpse of the roster under their new banner in less than a weeks time as they take on ENCE at IEM Beijing on November 6th.


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