100 Thieves Steal a Ticket to Valorant Masters Semifinals

by in Valorant | Sep, 19th 2021

In what may have been the closest set at Valorant Masters Berlin so far, 100 Thieves barely edged out a 2-1 victory against Acend. 100T were heavily favored going into this set, and their performance through the group stage made them look like one of the strongest teams in Berlin. Meanwhile, Acend had a shaky road to the Quarterfinals. They lost 0-2 to Vision Strikers, and had a hard time eliminating Supermassive Blaze, a fellow EMEA roster. How did Acend push 100 Thieves to the brink, and what did 100T have to do to make it to Semifinals at Valorant Masters Berlin?

cNed Supremacy

cNed has been heralded as not only the star player of Acend, but one of the best players in the world. He was jumping all around 100T through the entire set, and his ability to find quick snipes was a crucial part of Acend getting a lead on Map 3. Every player on Acend had an impact and played their own role, but cNed is the lynchpin for Acend’s team composition. However, cNed’s strong play wasn’t enough to propel his team to victory.

Stealing the Set

The first two maps were a back-and-forth affair, and both teams had their moments. However, on Map 3, Acend looked dominant on Breeze. Once the score settled at 12-7 in favor of Acend, the set looked like it was over for 100T. Despite the rounds themselves being close, Acend always managed to find a way to clutch rounds.

Then, 100T proceeded to win 7 rounds in a row. Dominant wins. It was an utter thrashing. It looked like Acend just ran out of gas at the finish line. Once 100T took one round, they took the entire game with it.

100T’s roster is star-studded, and it showed in these rounds. Asuna dominated with a rifle in hand, and Nitro found crucial snipes that always put Acend at a disadvantage going into rounds. Needless to say, Acend were devastated after getting so close to semi-finals. However, this isn’t the last we’ll see of this team. Acend is a fresh roster in comparison to G2 and Gambit, and they’re likely to come out swinging once the next normal season starts up in EMEA. Despite 100 Thieves taking a narrow victory and booking their ticket to Semifinals, this set was a reminder that no team is safe at Valorant Masters Berlin.


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