100 Thieves Signs MrSavage

By Isaac Chandler

February 21, 2020


100 Thieves MrSavage

After teasing something new coming back in their headquarters reveal late last month, 100 Thieves have finally revealed the big surprise hiding out in one of their streamer booths. It’s not who you’d expect. Many expected Cloakzy given how often he appears in their content. However, the 100 Thieves revealed it was Norwegian streamer and Fortnite World Cup participant Martin “MrSavage” Andersen. He joins the lineup, adding yet another Fortnite streamer to the 100 Thieves crew.

A Warm Welcome to MrSavage

At only 15-years old, he is one of the youngest players signed by the famed North American org. He will play as a content creator and pro player at events, including the DreamHack Anaheim tournament this weekend.

He is well known in the community for his duo time with Benjyfishy for the Fortnite World Cup. The pair placed 14th in the Duos event, and he placed 29th in the Solos event there, too.

Following the signing of the Australian Renegades squad in CSGO last year, the pick-up of MrSavage is part of a push by 100 Thieves to expand beyond its North American roots into a truly global brand.

It marks their first entry into the European market. With over 1.1 million followers on YouTube and nearly 450,000 on Twitter, MrSavage will provide a massive boost to 100 Thieves’ outreach in the region. He will also have a good showing at DreamHack Anaheim, which he prepared for at the compound.

Will he pan out and be a massive boom for 100 Thieves in Europe? Or, will he give the org a small starting footprint in the region? It’s too early to tell. However, this weekend’s tournament will surely be a good first test to see how the audience reacts to his new sponsors.


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