100 Thieves Shows Off Headquarters Plans

By Isaac Chandler

July 19, 2019


100 Thieves Headquarters

Fresh off of their announcement on Tuesday of building a company headquarters in Los Angeles, 100 Thieves has released a new video showing off their plans for the facility, including rendered mock-ups of each section.

The 100 Thieves Headquarters

The facility is reported to be over 15,000 square feet in size, closing in on twice the size of Team Liquid’s 9000 square-foot headquarters. Its front area will include a team hall of fame to show off past achievements by the org, as well as a retail shop that will include the team’s merch including jerseys, jackets, and other items.

Just beyond the public area, the facility also includes a board room, two practice rooms for their teams, and a streaming booth section where players and their guests can come in and have everything they need. Next door to that the org has put their production office, the heart of their much-loved content and media.

The middle of the 100 Thieves headquarters includes an open office space, divided by the support beam that cuts the building in two with a company kitchen next to it, as well as two lounging areas for players and staff to kick back and relax.

Behind all of that are the org’s conference rooms and owner Nadeshot’s office, as well as the apparel workshop, which will house the design team for their much-acclaimed clothing and merchandise team.

Heading upstairs to the 100 Thieves headquarters’ upper deck, we find a third lounge and two additional practice rooms, as well as two small conference rooms and two small editing bays for footage and gameplay edits.

The team currently doesn’t have a name for the facility but has asked fans online to give suggestions, promising to fly the person whose name is selected out once construction is complete.

Other 100 Thieves News

While the announcement and virtual tour of the facility were exciting, some of the news from the press release was equally impressive.

The release mentions that the team’s apparel, which comes in limited-edition releases, continued to sell out each time more was released and had generated over $500 thousand in under five minutes of the most recent “drops” release.

The team also announced plans to expand into new games, with a focus on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, and Rainbow 6: Siege, a game they’ve long rumored to have been eyeing an entry into.

While the facility and these plans likely won’t be done for a while, we’re very excited to see such a young team grow so fast, and can’t wait to see what their future holds.

If you’d like to take a look at their facility tour yourself you can do so via this link here


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