100 Thieves to Offer NFT Art as Part of Infinity Merch Drop

by in Entertainment | Apr, 7th 2021

As part of their Infinity Collection, 100 Thieves release eight unique NFTs to go along with their recently released merch drop. Four of the NFTs went up for auction on April 6, with a giveaway for the remaining four over the next 48 hours.

Why Are 100 Thieves Doing an NFT Drop?

Nadeshot made comparisons to baseball cards and Pokémon cards, emphasizing the collectible nature of NFTs as a primary reason for the brand getting involved.

“Excited to reveal a project in conjunction with our latest apparel collection: 100 Thieves Enter Infinity NFTs,” Nadeshot said in the announcement. “I absolutely love the art in this collection. What’s great about the Enter Infinity drop is that it has a greater meaning and scope into what we’ll be doing for the rest of this year. So it’s a launching point – enter infinity is a gateway into the rest of the apparel we’ll be doing this year, and NFTs feel like a gateway into the future of the internet.”

“We’re not going to do some massive cash grab with NFTs,” 100 Thieves said. “But we did want to try something and see how our fans and community react to it. The idea of Enter Infinity definitely jives with the whole digital feeling, and NFTs fit into that perfectly. Obviously, the focus is still on the apparel, the goal is not to blow things out of the water, and this is a very small first move for us.”

Infinity Gateways 002 and 003 are at 1.11 Ethereum, equal to roughly $2,362, and cost the lowest. 100 Thieves NFT Infinity Gateway 001 is auctioned at 1.5 Ethereum, or $3,193. The four digitized art pieces getting auctioned off as a test are already worth over $10 thousand collectively.

What Are NFTS?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are generated and assigned to a digital content or art piece, namely an image or a video, that guarantees that your copy of the file is an original. Think of it a bit like owning an original piece of artwork from an artist – while anyone can have a print of that artwork, there is only one original piece.

Most NFTs are a part of the Ethereum blockchain, which is a cryptocurrency. This has led to many NFTs resold for thousands of dollars, such as Logan Paul’s Pokémon card NFT, which sold for $17,000 recently).

Given how popular 100 Thieves has become, these eight pieces in the Infinity line could be quite valuable. It’s also the first time an esports team has attempted to sell NFTs, though certainly not the first time the space has attempted to cash in or take advantage of a new trend.


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