100 Thieves Meteos and Stunt Benched

by in League of Legends | Jun, 29th 2020

It’s hard to explain what drew more attention. The fact that 100 Thieves’ William “Meteos” Hartman got benched just six games into the split (for the second time in two years), or the way he handled the whole situation on social media. Regardless of your allegiance and where you might stand on the matter, one thing is for certain — a bad situation only got worse in a matter of minutes.

This is also a much-needed reminder that maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t vent on social media immediately after finding stuff out. Sometimes people allow themselves to say things that no kind of PR statement can repair afterward. Did Meteos kill his career? Not by a long shot, but throwing your coaching staff and teammates under the bus as a result of a bruised ego is not the way to go, and for a seasoned veteran who’s obviously in the twilight of his career, this certainly won’t help his case going forward.

So, what happened?

After getting just a single win on the board after three whole weeks of play, 100 Thieves decided it was time to swap out two players (the other one being William “Stunt” Chen) and start anew. Meteos — as someone who already went through this kind of ordeal last year (with the exact same organization) — didn’t take the news of being benched particularly well.

On the one hand, getting “backstabbed” by the same organization twice in a row certainly doesn’t feel right. On the other, Meteos didn’t play well — at all. His games were (at best) mediocre and 100 Thieves need a more consistent performer in the jungle. Who would’ve thought that Tommy “Ryoma” Le would now be playing much better than most of his more seasoned peers and allies? His champion pool is catastrophic and is bound to be exploited over the coming weeks, but give him a pick he’s comfortable on. He’s capable of producing those mind-blowing late-game highlight-reel plays.

Regardless, 100 Thieves didn’t look good as a five-man unit. The fact that Meteos got the grunt of the blame is baffling. Their marksman Liyu “Cody Sun” Sun, someone who’s known for pristine positioning and exceptional team fighting prowess, was a complete non-factor ever since the 2020 Summer Split began. Did he regress beyond reason as an individual, or did Stunt weigh him down game after game? Stunt, while not exactly a household name, can be considered as a veteran, but you’d never guess it by watching his play. He’s constantly getting caught out of position and is mostly just a walking sack of gold for the opposing team. The fact that he wasn’t creating any plays or engaging when his team needed him to also made things very clear. His level of play wasn’t good enough for the LCS stage; he was a liability for the team as a whole.

Instead of Meteos and Stunt, 100 Thieves will start with Philippe “Poome” Lavoie-Giguere as their support and Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia as their jungler. You probably don’t know much about Poome as this will be his first showing on the LCS stage. Still, the young support has shown a fair bit of promise in the “little leagues” and is more than deserving of a promotion — even though he hasn’t been competing at a particularly high level of long.

As for Contractz, it’s hard to comprehend that he first made his debut with Cloud9 in 2017 — and yet he’s the same age as his Academy support. What a stark contrast experience-wise. Contractz is a veteran and deemed as the next breed of LCS talent. Then came a pretty severe fall from grace, and he never quite recovered for reasons that are still unknown. His Golden Guardians stint was unimpressive in every way, shape, and form. His play in Academy — while very solid — will always have an asterisk next to it given the level of competition he had to face.

Still, he deserves another shot to start for the team and will surely be motivated to find redemption and prove his worth. The only question now is. Will these changes be enough? 100 Thieves will certainly suffer early on because they’ll have to re-build synergy from the ground up, but they’ll also need to step up as a whole if they want to find any semblance of success going forward.

The Future of Meteos and Stunt

100 Thieves General Manager Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith decided to go online and clear the air after Meteos’ somewhat unexpected social media meltdown. In a fairly calm and focused video, Papa outlined the goal of this new roster and explained what the future holds for their former jungler and support. The way he phrased things is also very peculiar. They’re focused on finding Stunt a brand-new home in the LCS, meaning he’ll no longer compete under the 100 Thieves banner. As for Meteos, they’re open to running a six-man roster as well as slotting him into Academy, but it doesn’t seem like the Cloud9 alumni is particularly interested in either option.

With the 2020 Summer Split underway, it’s not like he can sign for an opposing team any time soon. He’ll either have to compete in Academy or wait things out on the sidelines. For a veteran of his caliber, this is by no means an easy decision.

Either way, we can’t wait to see this rejuvenated 100 Thieves line-up in action. It might not look like a world-class competitive behemoth, but it has a fair bit of potential, and one can only assume that they’re hungry to reclaim once again their spot near the very top of the region.


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