100 Thieves Finalizes LCS Roster with Ry0ma

by in General | Nov, 27th 2019

After a fascinating off-season period, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag’s League team has found its starting mid laner: 100 Thieves Ry0ma. Now, this isn’t exactly an expected signing. That’s for sure. Tommy “ry0ma” Le is in no way a household name to anyone following the LCS, but he’s a talented individual.

100 Thieves Making All the Right Moves

The young mid lane prospect is coming into the LCS from the Oceania Pro League (OPL). He makes his debut on one of the more fascinating teams in the history of the LCS.

100 Thieves is making all the right moves to reach the top of the North American region once again. This signing is kind of surprising since they could’ve signed LCS regulars (and native mid laners) like Eugene “Pobelter” Park or Tanner “Damonte” Damonte.

We have full faith in Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith, general manager for 100 Thieves. Ever since he decided to leave his LCK casting job and sign with 100 Thieves, he’s made huge moves to both the coaching staff as well as starting line-up.

The organization parted ways with Neil “pr0lly” Hammad, brought in Tony Zikz as his replacement and signed a couple of familiar stellar faces for their starting line-up.

Just because 100 Thieves Ry0ma isn’t well-known to LCS fans doesn’t mean his career isn’t a successful one. The young prospect played for the OPL team Bombers, who won the OPL Split One Playoffs in April. We believe in PapaSmithy. If he decided to grant Ry0ma an opportunity of a lifetime, he must’ve seen a fair bit of potential with the young OPL mid laner.

Ry0ma certainly has some big shoes to fill and will be surrounded by some of the best and most successful LCS veterans around. One can argue that he’s been slotted into the perfect kind of environment — he won’t carry the biggest expectations, so there’s no pressure to perform right from the very get-go. He’ll have teammates he can learn from, and with a stellar head coach to guide him, there’s no doubt that he’ll eventually find success in the North American region.

With their brand-new mid laner, 100 Thieves will have a lot to prove come 2020. Fortunately, they’re seemingly up to the task and are more than willing to throw down in an attempt to find redemption for their abysmal 2019 season.


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