100 Thieves Adds Tommey as Their First Call of Duty Warzone Pro

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 10th 2020

Thomas “Tommey” Trewren has been added to 100 Thieves as their very first Call of Duty Warzone pro. This was something of a surprise move, as Tommey had announced his retirement back in 2019, but this marks his official return to competition after streaming Warzone for some time. 

“I’m always looking for new challenges and things to compete in, and 100 Thieves came through with an offer to be their first ever Warzone player and I’d be stupid to turn it down,” Tommey said in the annoucnement video. “Because who wouldn’t want to join this team? The owner used to compete himself, I’ve played against him numerous times and he understands what players need and want. He knows what it takes to compete and what to give them to push on. I just wanted to jump on this as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I was just straight up, all in.”

100 Thieves owner Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag hinted heavily at big signings for the Warzone squad in their announcement video for the LA Thieves, so this is likely far from the last high profile addition. 

“One of the nicest guys you could ever meet and probably the best Warzone player on your timeline,” Nadeshot said on Twitter of the addition. “ It’s an incredible feeling to have the ability to surround our team with such great people.”

Tommey Blown Away by Fan Support for Joining 100T

“The support shown has been incredible,” Tommey said. “ I didn’t expect it to be anywhere near what it’s been. I’m honestly speechless. I know I’ve put a lot of time in and it feels like it’s a ‘made it’ moment but for me it’s only the beginning. We’ve got a long way to go. We also have a lot to talk about in regards to competing, retirement/new path and also WZ. I’ll be making a video going over everything in the next few days.”

As with any big move like this, the outpouring of support has come in from hundreds of thousands of fans, both of 100 Thieves and Tommey’s previous playing career.

“I’ll never forget yesterday,” Tommey continued. “Never. I’ve just spent the last two hours replying to every message I’ve received on here and every other platform, as I wanted you all to know that I saw it. It means the world to me and I wanted you to know that.”

Tommey’s Competitive Legacy

Tommey has been a top tier competitive Call of Duty pro for quite some time. Most recently he had stints on the Dallas Empire and Team Reciprocity as a substitute player. He also played for Fnatic, Splyce, and had time on Team Reciprocity’s main roster.

Back in April of this year, he helped the Dallas Empire beat out the Atlanta Faze in week six of competition at Chicago, as well as helped the Empire finish 2nd overall in the regular season. 

In Warzone, he recently finished 7th at the Toronto Ultra’s $100k Warzone event, which unfortunately netted him no prize winnings. However, it was enough to get the attention of Nadeshot, who has been recruiting heavily for this team. 

More announcements from 100 Thieves, on both their Warzone initiative and their Call of Duty Mobile plans, not to mention the LA Thieves roster, are expected in the coming weeks. 


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