100 Thieves Adds NBA2K YouTube Troupe 2Hype to Content Creation Team

by in Entertainment | Nov, 17th 2020

2Hype, the NBA2K and variety YouTube content creators, have been signed to 100 Thieves today in a surprise announcement. They join content creators TheMob, as well as all of Nadeshot’s expertise in content creation on what’s become one of the industry’s largest content creation teams, alongside their esports efforts. 

2Hype consists of Jesser, Cash Nasty, Kistopher Londer, ZackTTG, Mopi, Jiedel, and Moochie. Each of them has amassed over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, with their collective 2HYPE channel having received over a million on its own as well. Collectively, they are well over 9 million subscribers, and give 100 Thieves an in-road into the NBA2K community that they didn’t have before. 

2Hype has a house in Yorba Linda, California, where most of their videos are shot. They originally had eight members, but one of them refused to move into the 2Hype house and thus went his own way. 

How Will 100 Thieves Help 2hype?

Under the new deal, 2Hype will use 100 Thieves’ production resources and infrastructure to increase their reach, expand their brand, and continue to expand their apparel offerings. They have been, as many gaming brands, been offering their own line of merchandise drops for years which (as they tell it) sell out every time they open. They hope this success will expand and continue under the Thieves banner. 

“I’ve been a big fan of 2HYPE since they first entered the scene back in 2017 with their NBA 2K content, and I’ve been lucky enough to call them my friends personally for years now,” said Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, founder and CEO of 100 Thieves. “Every single one of them is extremely creative, ambitious and entertaining. We’re excited to officially bring them on board as part of 100 Thieves, and we can’t wait to see what we can achieve as a cohesive team.”

100 Thieves has come a long way in the three years they’ve been an organization – they’ve already managed to become one of the biggest names in esports and with this signing, they now rival FaZe Clan as a content house on YouTube. 

“100 Thieves is an organization that the collective team has always looked up too and aspired to be a part of,” Jesser added. “With a similar mission and goals, I could not think of a better fit for us. We’re looking forward to working with the whole 100 Thieves team to grow the 2HYPE brand and push out new content that both of our fan bases are going to love.”

This has been a busy month for 100 Thieves. They recently announced the acquisition of the Call of Duty League’s 2nd LA slot, renaming the team the LA Thieves, in addition to running a Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile team. 

2Hype has made a name for themselves in the NBA2K community as being some of that game’s premier YouTubers, but in recent months they’ve started to do vlogs, challenge videos, and play other titles like Among Us (as just about every other content creator has done.) It’s unclear exactly what, if any, plans they had will change with 100 Thieves in tow, but it’s possible that we’ll see more collaboration with other brands like The Mob and other 100 Thieves creators in the future. 


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