100 Thieves “Accidentally” Reveal TinaKitten Joining

by in General | Sep, 14th 2021

Have 100 Thieves signed TinaKitten? Considering the Cash App Compound is painted pink with kittens and carrots, it sure seems that way. Well, pink and kittens could be anyone, though. But then, we saw “100 Thieves Welcomes TinaKitten,” which closes the case for us. 100 Thieves made a pretty comedic Tweet about it, saying, “We are opening an investigation into the matter and will update when we have more information.”

This Is Not Photoshopped

TinaKitten seems to have been linked to 100 Thieves for a few months now. She’s recently interacted with several members of the org, such as BrookeAB and Valkyrae, but is more than just her friendship with 100 Thieves members. She has over 800,000 followers on Twitch, 500,000 on Instagram, and 600,000+ on Twitter. That is a massive following and would be a serious asset to 100 Thieves. 

There’s no telling, though! It sounds like the story 100 Thieves is spinning is that someone painted the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound with the likeness of TinaKitten. Twitter user LandonAero was driving by the 100 Thieves building and saw it looked a little different than normal. It seems pretty clear that TinaKitten’s all-in with 100 Thieves, but it could just be a collaboration. A very expensive collab, but we’ll have to see an official announcement. 

This is a pretty interesting way to unveil a new member of an org, that’s for sure. It seemed to some like it was only a matter of time before the two entities joined forces, but TinaKitten would undoubtedly bring a lot to 100 Thieves. Perhaps we’ll see an official announcement on the new signing, or if 100 Thieves found the culprit behind the vandalization of their building. We’ll keep you up to date as this story develops.


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