Esports Talk is a product of the hard-working team behind the scenes making it all happen. As a group of earnest and talented esports fans, they dedicate themselves to providing the community with the highest quality of esports news possible. We seek out only the best, most passionate, and committed professionals and give them the creative space they need to make the finest esports content imaginable. We invite you to spend some time getting to know our amazing team and learn about the people making everything tick. You’ll quickly see why we’re all immensely proud of them and their work. 

Jake Lucky Reporter
  • Shamelessly loves Runescape
  • Got his start in CS:GO news creation
  • Talks too fast
Petar Vukobrat Writer
  • Resident League and Overwatch fanatic
  • Seasoned Taric veteran
  • Long time gamer and Esports enthusiast
Jason Parker Writer
  • Support Main
  • Addicted to the “Yakuza” franchise
  • Card Game Enthusiast
Pavo Jurkic Writer
  • Professional procrastinator
  • CT-side hunchback
  • Plays a LOT of Beat Saber
Cody Perez Writer
  • Spends way too much time in FFXIV
  • Always avoids using a mic
  • Enjoys cooking for others as a hobby
Isaac Chandler Profile Picture
Isaac Chandler Content Coordinator
  • Loves League of Legends and Cloud9
  • Enjoys cooking and history
  • Thinks a couple miles is a “short walk”
Dustin Steiner Profile Picture
Dustin Steiner Writer/Reporter
  • Esports reporter of over 9 years.
  • 2019 Esports Journalist of the Year finalist at Esports Awards.
  • Spends way too much time on social media.
Xan Vital Team Lead
  • Eternal fighting game fan
  • Still occasionally walks into walls while reading
  • Spends too much on clothes
Nick Dragone Profile Picture
Nick Dragone Reporter
  • Huge fan of everything ducks
  • Will debate Rainbow Six rosters for hours
  • Office Smash Bros champion
Connor Mcneil Profile Picture
Connor McNeil Writer
  • Loves reading and writing
  • Passionate about competing and improving
  • Consistently baffled by the fact that anything exists
Peter E Honda Profile Picture
Peter Lipphardt Video/Graphics Specialist
  • Always down for some Street Fighter
  • Proud dog dad
  • Lifelong video editor
Chanelle Hayes Profile Picture
Chanelle Hayes Editor
  • Likes reading and writing
  • Loves traveling
  • Enjoys event planning

The heart and soul of is our writing team. Our writers are experts in their fields with a true passion for conveying esports news to the community in an entertaining way while firmly maintaining their accuracy. When you read an article on our site, you’re not just reading words on a page. You’re receiving expert analysis and carefully cultivated research on the stories that are important to you.

Video Producers

One of our most unique offerings is our daily news coverage from the Esports Talk video production team. They’re devoted esports reporters who give their all to provide you with up to date with the latest news, as soon as it happens. With true loyalty to the art of quick and accurate reporting, you can rest assured that whenever you click on a video you’re not only getting the full picture, you’re also getting it provided to you in the most compelling way possible.


Our editors are the backbone of As a company, we endeavor to always provide each member of our team with the support they need to focus on producing the best content possible. Our editors are the secret to making that happen. They review, edit, and publish each article to ensure that not only is every piece we produce is grammatically correct, easy to read, and accurate; they’re visually appealing and make sense to you as a reader. While our Esports Talk editorial team may not be listed in each piece they publish, it’s important to know that they’re always working behind the scenes to ensure that your reading experience is always first-rate. 


Our management’s focus is to work as a support system ensuring each and every member of the team has the tools and resources necessary to make Esports Talk into the best esports news platform conceivable. With experience in each area of our workflow, they coordinate the smooth and efficient creation of content in order to provide the community with the quality of esports news reporting they deserve.