World of Warcraft Gold Guide – Using Garrisons


Garrisons may be my fondest memory from Warlords of Draenor – or most hated for some. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor was touted as one of the “worst expansions” in the history of the game, primarily because of the massive hype surrounding it and the apparent letdown of content. I personally adored the expansion because it left us with something truly magnificent, those garrisons.

These garrisons acted as the command center during our invasion of the world of Draenor, these bases provided players with many different elements to help in their fight against the Iron Horde.

Garrisons were a slight answer for “player housing,” which has been a desired request by the community for years. Unfortunately for the player base, garrisons were far from what they desired for their personal housing options. However, that doesn’t mean they were a waste. We also can see them being easily made use of in later expansions as well since the original idea of every race having their own unique looking buildings was discarded.

If they revamp the Garrisons for Battle for Azeroth, that would be great, however, let’s hope they don’t take away the joys they already bring. Some of the buildings offered great bonuses to players while they were adventuring in Draenor, while others ended up being sub-par. After Warlords of Draenor ended, they removed many of the gold missions from the Garrison, however, there was plenty of profit to still be made.

There are many different buildings and beneficial rewards to be found and players will more than likely need to switch out the different buildings if they want to get everything the garrisons have to offer. In terms of what a player specifically likes to use to make gold, there are more than enough options, and it will become personal preference at a certain point rather than a specific go-to set of buildings.

Mission Rewards

The missions within the garrisons are very cool – even in later expansions because they have allowed players to still get some of the better items from them still. Ideally, players will want to ensure they have followers with +garrison resource abilities to increase the yield of resources. Players will want to ensure they are getting a 100% success rate so that the mission will not fail. The great missions don’t come along incredibly often so players need to ensure they succeed.

  • Primal Spirits Primal spirits were important for the crating process during Warlords of Draenor – however – they still serve a great purpose since you can trade 25 of them in for a savage blood. You can either sell savage bloods on the auction house or trade them at the Trading Post for a bag with about 50g.
  • Garrison Resources Garrison resources are needed to send your followers on missions, but can also be used to purchase missives to do old quests from WoD – but more importantly can be used to buy materials from the trader at the trading post building.
  • Elixir of the Rapid Mind This item may be potentially removed – yet somehow keeps showing up in the garrisons in one way or another– can be obtained during Winter Event in savage gifts – supposedly removed in 2017 – this potion grants 300% experience for 15 minutes – so if you see this as a reward – sells very well – make sure you succeed.
  • Medallion of the Legion This medallion grants 1000 reputation for all Draenor factions, which is quite useful. These medallions still sell for a solid 5-15k since people who want to get those older reputations will definitely pay for a nice shortcut.
  • Archeology Fragments Missions can reward Warlords of Draenor archeology fragments, for orcs, ogres, and arakkoa archeology projects. The mission rewards are typically either in bunches of 50 or so.
  • Relic of Rukhmar Provides the user reputation increase with Arrakoa Outcasts by 1000. This item is Bind on Account and can be mailed to any other toons on your personal account – on any server.
  • Coalfist Gronnling This is a mount that looks like a gronnling and is a very cool looking mount that still sells between 1-5,000k pretty easily. Of course, it depends on the market and the availability of the mount currently.

Profession Huts

The profession huts were – in theory – an excellent idea because it allowed players to potentially gain access to 3 additional professions abilities. Not completely of course – but enough that these profession huts were seen as ridiculously powerful. Which they were since people did not need to interact as much with others and they could literally do many of their daily WoW activities in the garrison itself. Maybe it was seen as a downside then, but looking back at it now, it is awesome for making gold!

  • Blacksmith Players can turn in True Iron Ore to create truesteel ingots. Players can then make transmog weapons and armor with true steel ingots. Every 100 ingots results in the ability to craft a blue weapon for transmog, such as an axe, hammer, saber, etc. These weapons sell between 1,000g and 15,000g, once again based on the market.
  • Tailoring Players can turn in 5 Sumptuous Fur The tailoring hut is best utilized with the tailoring profession because players can use it to craft 30 slot Hexweave Bags out of Hexwewave Cloth.
  • Enchanting Players can use 5 Draenic Dust The enchanting hut allows players to disenchant the gear that they find within the Draenor level content to receive enchanting materials from that content, such as Draenic Dust, Luminous Shards, and Temporal Crystals. With a follower assigned
  • Alchemy The alchemy workshop allows players to use 5 Frostweed to produce Alchemical Catalysts. With a follower, this building gives Bind on Pickup potions that can be useful in current content since some are invisibility related and movement speed boosts. Catalysts can be used by Alchemists to make Draenic Philosopher Stones to vendor.
  • NOTE: Draenic Philosopher Stones can be vendored for around 21g, and therefore are a great source of raw gold. They sold prior to legion for 25g.

  • Salvage Yard The Salvage Yard allows for players to sometimes receive crates of salvage from completing missions. These crates were heavily nerfed at the end of Warlord’s of Draenor, however, they can still drop useful transmog BoE gear. The salvage yard is definitely a worthwhile
  • Leatherworking The tannery lets players use 5 Raw beast Hide to create Burnished Leather, which can then be used to make leather items from Draenor, as well as some worthwhile transmog pieces.
  • Jewelcrafting The Gem Boutique allows players to trade in 5 Blackrock Ore for Taladite Crystals – which are more or less not going to greratly benefit you. They are for the Draenor content, so very outdated and aside making some random gimmicky items with jewelcrafting, this hut isn’t ideal.
  • Inscription Players can use the Scribe’s quarter to trade in Cerulean Pigments for War Paints which then can be used to create Cards of Omen or Darkmoon trinkets for Draenor content. The trinkets sometimes sell for 5,000g plus, but take a while to sell. The Cards of Omen are fortune style cards and can be flipped for immediate raw gold. Odds-wise – did a recent experiment flipped 1000 Cards of Omen and got 3 1000 gold cards.
  • Engineering Players can trade 2 True Iron Ore and 2 Blackrock to produce Gearspring Parts, which can be utilized to make pets and other Engineering creations from Draenor. This building isn’t extremely useful without having the engineering profession yourself since the majority of items that can be crafted are BoP aside a few pets.
  • Store House The Storehouse is an extremely useful building that increases the number of work orders you can place, but even better, gives bank access! This is a must-have in my opinion since the immediate access to void storage – guild bank – and personal bank in your garrison is essential as far as I’m concerned.

Medium Buildings

  • Gladiator’s Sanctum The Gladiator’s Sanctum gives players access to a multitude of different PvP achievements related to Draenor, that can also be completed in Ashran. In addition, players who have this building will receive Broken Bones from player enemies killed they can turn in and get gear they can vendor or disenchant.
  • Inn/Tavern The Inn/Tavern will provide rather useful additions to a players garrison in the form of some unique quests, additional useful missions, as well as the main thing of being able to recruit followers once a week. You can choose the traits and abilities you want on a follower, so this is the best way to get ones with +garrison resources from missions.
  • Lumber Mill The lumber mill allows players to harvest lumber from the trees they find in Draenor marked small timber, medium timber, and large timber. Players can harvest the timber and turn them in for work orders to produce garrison supplies. This building requires players to actually play in Draenor a bit to gather materials.
  • Trading Post The trading most may be the most valuable of the tools to make gold in your garrison, since it allows players to purchase materials with their garrison resources. The prices of garrison resource cost for materials can range from 16 resources to 40 per and it is important players watch for when they are around 16-20 per so that they can the most bang for their buck.
  • Barn The barn is a very useful building that is primarily used for harvesting meat, leather, fur, and even savage bloods by allowing players to capture animals in Draenor. If players are actively farming in Draenor, this is an ideal building to have because it can end up providing an excessive amount of materials for players to make use of with other professions.

Large Buildings

  • Gnomish Gearworks/Goblin Workshop The Gnomish Gearworks/Goblion Workshop provides players with useful engineering devices that will provide them with an edge in combat while on Draenor. Such devices that give an edge to getting to hard to reach places or glue a player to the ground making them an easier target are some minor examples of what this building offers. These items can be used in Ashran, which makes them still viable with current content.
  • Mage Tower/Spirit Lodge The Mage Tower/Spirit Lodge provide players with the ability to produce two-way portals with ogre waypoints around Draenor. Although this is somewhat useful for getting around quickly, it does not provide much else in terms of benefit for current content.
  • Dwarven Bunker/War Mill This building allows for players to have an increased chance of gear that they find upgrading to epic quality, which isn’t very useful with current content and can also produce armor for their followers. The armor for the followers is nice, but kind of under-performing for the building slot this takes up. However, it does provide players with one seal of tempered fate a week- which would otherwise cost them 300g. So it has that going for it.
  • Barracks The Barracks is a very useful structure that allows players to have an increase in the amount of followers that they can have as well as provide them with a Bodyguard companion while exploring Draenor. The Barracks also provide patrol missions, which provide quality follower experience rewards plus arms the garrisons with racial guards and banners.
  • Stables The stables gives players passive abilities to use in Draenor such as mount speed increased by 20% as well as allowing players to interact with objects while they are mounted in outdoor Draenor zones. The main thing that the stables allow is the capture and training of special mounts that can only be obtained via the stables. So as a mount collector, this building is a must.

World Of Warcraft Garrison Holidays

  • Hallow’s End This event provides surprisingly useful items that can drop during this event as well as decorations that can produce a rare spawn daily year round that can drop a toy. The toys are “Coin of Many Faces” and a “Sack of Spectral Spiders.” The coin just makes you look like a random appearance for a period of time and the sack throws spiders all over the ground. The coin can be obtained from random mobs in Shadowmoon Valley where you are sent for dailies. The spider toy is slightly more complicated.
  • Sack of Spectral Spiders The garrisons have multiple benefits from the Hallow’s End event by having a daily monster you can kill for a toy appear daily. This monster is a spider named “Arachnis” and has a 10.07% chance to drop the toy. This is a pretty high drop percentage for an item that can easily sell from 1,000g to 12,000+. Arachnis can be killed once per day per character inside of your garrison. To get this spider to spawn inside of your garrison, a player needs to unlock the spooky decorations called “Creepy Crawlers” during the Hallows End world event in October.
  • NOTE: There are four daily quests offered each day by Orukan and they can be completed to obtain a total of 5 of the “Spooky Supplies.” Once the decorations are purchased and applied to the Garrison, the rare “Arachnis” will now spawn daily, year-round. Players must ensure they do not change the decorations once they have the “Creepy Crawlers” theme placed upon their garrison because doing so will remove the rare spawn from the Garrison.

  • Feast of Winter Veil The Feast of Winter Veil provides players with the opportunity to get very profitable items, such as a mount called “Minion of Grumpus” as well as mission rewards such as “Medallion of the Legion” and “Elixir of Rapid Mind.”
  • NOTE: The “Elixir of Rapid Mind” continues to have revamps relating to its drop rate and what provides it since players have found ways to mix experience combinations to get excessive amounts of experience rapidly. The elixirs were a rather sought after item and have received some different tweaks from Blizzard relating to drop rates and where they drop. Keep an eye on the drop rates regarding this particular reward relating to the Garrison.

The Gathering Structures

    The Garrison comes with structures that are guaranteed and not a choice of the player. These are the mine, the herb garden, the fishing shack, and the pet menagerie. Each of these can be leveled up to 3 just like the other buildings, however, players do not need to choose one or the other and gain benefits from all of them. From materials, pets, mounts, and more, these garrison structures are extremely useful.

  • Mine The Mine allows for the harvesting of True Iron Ore and Black Iron Ore, as well as Archeology Fragments and Primal Spirits. Players can obtain Coffee and Mining picks to increase their movement speed and mining efficiency for a temporary time with these consumable items. The mine is a great place to get archeology fragments and primal spirits.
  • Herb Garden The Herb Garden is one of the most important pieces of the Garrison because it allows players to grow different herbs they need for the profession huts and trade skills. With a follower assigned to the Herb Garden players can choose what to grow, and they will want Icethorn and Gorgrond Flytrapto be planted in the garden since these are the primary herbs that will be used for professions.
  • Fishing Shack The fishing shack is an extremely useful building that allows for players to fish up all kinds of fun goodies in their own Garrison, as well as gives access to different reputation-related rewards, a unique follower, and so on. The main draw though is the potential to fish up the rare turtle mounts in the game. These mounts are the Riding Turtle and Sea Turtle.
  • Pet Menagerie The Pet Menagerie allows players to fight against battle pets within their own garrison and gives access to pet vendors and some unique battle pets that cannot be obtained in any other way. Players can also use the pet menagerie to heal their injured pets and complete daily quests that have the potential of giving unique pet rewards inside the quest bags.

Specific Farm Methods

  • Blacksmith Transmog Farm The Blacksmith Hut provides players with the ability to turn True Iron Ore into Truesteel Ingots. With the Truesteel Ingots – you can now create weapons from Warlords of Draenor that still sell for a pretty penny on the transmog market. I have sold sabers/hammers between 1-10k – but most of the time the market stays around 2k on these for most servers.
  • Savage Blood Farm Characters need to get a barn and get it to level 3 so they can capture Elite level beasts where they can turn them into the barn for a work order to be completed. Upon completion – players will either get leather or fur based on the type of beast they turned in, as well as savage blood. Players can use the resources from the garrisons themselves to buy barn completion work orders and speed this process up.
  • Mission Table Farm The idea behind the mission table farm is to get access to the rare treasure finding missions such as the Legion Medallion and Coalfist Gronnling most notably. Players should ensure they have enough quality followers to complete the missions and should get a Frostwolf Tavern to recruit followers from the headhunter with the scavenger trait to get more resources from the garrisons
  • Garn Nighthowl The Garn Nighthowl mount drops from Nok-Karosh in Frostfire Ridge directly to the west of the player’s garrisons. The mount only sells for a few thousand- however, the reason it is a worthwhile farm is the elite wolves that can be trapped and turned into the barn. It’s a perfect opportunity to gather for the barn while waiting for Nok-Karosh to spawn.
  • Spider Farm The farming method is pretty straightforward to get the drop Sack of Spectral Spiders. Simply ensure that you have Arachnis spawning at your garrison and kill him every day. A solid method to ensure that you are getting these kills is just to hearth to your garrison before your log out, kill the spider, and log out. When you log back in, just kill them again and go about your business.