Sports Game General Guide

Sports games are a subgenre of simulation video games. Many sports have been recreated in games, including team sports, extreme sports, combat sports and the Olympics. There is a large variety of sports games, as some may emphasize playing the sport, some may emphasize sports management and others may satirize the sport for comic effect.

The most popular game type for sports games in esports is the emphasis on simulation of a real sport. Three of the biggest titles in Esports sports games are Electronic Arts’ FIFA and Madden series and NBA2k. These three games have been at the forefront of getting sports games into esports.

FIFA has hosted a gaming tournament since 2004 called the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) but has recently been renamed the FIFA eWorld Cup. It set a Guinness World Record in 2013 as the largest online esports game with 2.5 million users signing up for their tournament. All the games in the FIFA eWorld Cup series are streamed live on

The Madden series is very similar to FIFA as it hosts its own championship series annually. It will begin in August with qualifications and play until the end of April. Madden Ultimate League has garnered television recognition as it has been featured on ESPN and the Disney XD channel.

NBA2K has been the most recent sports video game to dive into the esports scene. NBA2k has partnered with 17 NBA teams to create the NBA2k League. Each of the 17 NBA teams sponsors a team of six players that will compete over 17 weeks to determine a champion. All the games will be streamed live on

Another sports game that has been popular in esports is Rocket League. While this game isn’t a simulation of a current sport, it is sports-based. Players must use rocket-powered cars to shoot a ball into a goal. Psyonix, the developer and publisher of Rocket League, has created its own esports league called the Rocket League Championship Series.

There are two different styles of competitive sports games. There is the solo competitive scene, where you are by yourself and competing against your opponent. This type of style is primarily used in FIFA and Madden. The other option is team-based, which is what you see in NBA2k and Rocket League. You and your team will go head-to-head against an opposing team.

Sports games have even had an impact on real-life sports regarding camera angles. The NFL and some other sports leagues have started to model their camera positions based on those seen in video games.

Popular Terminology

Listed below are popular terminology used in the sports game genre:

  • Rage Quit – The act of quitting the game in mid-progress rather than waiting for the game to end.
  • Ultimate Team – Ultimate Team is a game mode popular in the EA Sports series’. EA Sports uses the Ultimate Team game mode for their competitive play. In the game mode, players open packs and build their dream team and compete in online games.
  • MyCAREER – MyCAREER is the game mode that NBA2K uses for its competitive play. Players in the game mode must create their own character and level them up through gameplay. The character’s height and position can’t be changed after the initial set up.
  • Chemistry – Represents how well a player will perform in the game. It is primarily featured in EA Sports’ Ultimate Team game modes. How to obtain chemistry will differ from each EA Sports’ game.
  • OP – Overpowered. Users may occasionally complain that a player or feature in a game is “OP”.