Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beginner’s Guide

CSGO Cover

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooting game where teams of players compete against one another either on the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team. Based on whichever team they are on will determine what weapons they have access to and what their objective might be.

It is played on the Steam platform and is one of the most popular games in the world. The game was released on August 21, 2012, and was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. The game can be played on the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Linux.

There are three different type of game playlists in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. There is the Casual and Competitive playlist, which consists of the bomb defusal and hostage rescue game modes. The second playlist is War Games, which features Demolition, Arm’s Race, and The Flying Scoutsman. The final playlist is only available on the PC and it consists of Deathmatch, Guardian and Co-op Strike game modes.

Each map has its own Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist factions. The factions each have their own quotes and voice actors. Each of the factions has five different models that are randomly chosen upon spawning into a game. The terrorist factions are Anarchist, Balkan, Elite Crew, Phoenix Connexion, Pirate, Professional, and Separatists. The counter-terrorist factions are GIGN, GSG-9, IDF, SAS, FBI, SEAL Team 6 and SWAT.

Players can opt to purchase different modifications to customize their characters weaponry with things called skins. Those can be obtained through games, the steam marketplace, or third-party affiliates.

Skins are cosmetic modifications that can be added to weapons to add a sense of customization to them. They were added in the arms deal update which included two new weapons and one of the most critical parts of the game, the cosmetic skins.

Skins do not change the way the guns shoot, recoil, reload, or function in any way except for how they appear to the character. Different features have been added to varying skins to make them more appealing to players.

They can be obtained from multiple sources, but most often can be found inside of loot crates and can range from a few cents to a couple of thousand dollars in value. Players can potentially receive crate drops at the end of every match, and they require a key to open.

The keys are obtained through the Steam marketplace and can be traded with other players. The types of skins that tend to hold the most value are often knives due to their insane rarity. The levels of rarity follow a color chart that indicates from the most common to the least common.

Game Modes

Listed below are the game modes available in Counter Strike: Global Offensive:

  • Casual and Competitive
    • Bomb Defusal – Terrorists must plant C4 at bombsite while the Counter-Terrorists need to defend the bombsite.
    • Hostage Rescue – Counter-Terrorists are tasked with rescuing hostages, and the Terrorists must defend their hostages.
  • War Games
    • Demolition – A hybrid of Bomb Defusal and a ‘gun game’ mod. The counter-terrorists win the match if they run down the round timer without the terrorist ever playing the explosive, defuse the C4 after it was planted or eliminate all the terrorist. Terrorists win if they plant the explosive and run down its countdown without it being defused or eliminate all counter-terrorists.
    • Arm’s Race – Based on the original gun game mod that became popular through users. The game consists of one round of continuous respawns. The winning condition remains the same for both teams, as one player from either team must score a kill with the golden knife.
    • The Flying Scotsman – A newer game mode that became a permanent mode due to its popularity on November 13, 2017. Players are restricted to only the SSG 08 and a knife. The gravity is reduced, and midair acceleration is increased. The match is won by the team with the most kills at the end of the round.
  • PC Only
    • Deathmatch – An extremely popular game mode amongst first-person shooter games that was added to CS:GO on January 23, 2013 as part of an update. The objective is for your team to eliminate the opponent. The winner of the match is the team that reaches the kill limit or time limit.
    • Guardian – An operation-based game scenario that will feature two players who must fend off five bot-controlled terrorists.
    • Co-op Strike – An operation-based scenario that will feature two players who are going through a story-driven scenario where they are fighting against AI controlled terrorists.

Skin Color Chart

Listed below are the skin color tiers available in Counter Strike: Global Offensive:

  • Skin Color Chart:
    • Consumer Grade – White.
    • Industrial Grade – Light Blue.
    • Mil-Spec – Darker Blue.
    • Restricted – Purple.
    • Classified – Pinkish Purple.
    • Covert – Red.
    • Exceedingly Rare – Gold.
    • Contraband – Light Orange – Discontinued skins