Call of Duty: World War II Beginner’s Guide

Call of Duty: World War II is the 14th installment of the Call of Duty franchise that was released on November 3, 2017. Call of Duty: World War II is the second game in the franchise developed by Sledgehammer Games, and the third under Activision’s three-year development cycle. The game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It can be purchased in retail stores or from the steam marketplace.

Call of Duty: WWII is a first-person shooter game that takes place during World War II. The game returned to the same “boots on the ground” gameplay style as previous Call of Duty titles, allowing you to double jump and wall run. The game featured a “hit-the-deck mechanic that allows you to dive forward onto the ground to get to cover.

There are three types of game modes that you can play in Call of Duty: WWII. They are the campaign, multiplayer and zombies. We will be focusing on the multiplayer game mode only since that is the most popular and what they use in esports competitions.

When you begin playing the multiplayer mode you are sent to the Headquarters. Headquarters is a new addition to the Call of Duty franchise and replaces the original lobby menu screen. The headquarters are located on Omaha Beach in Normandy, France after the Allies invasion. It is a social space for the game, as 48 players at one time can be in the headquarters lobby. While in the headquarters you can open loot boxes, watch replays of games, practice at the firing range, practice score streaks, visit the gunsmith, play retro Activision games, view leaderboards, redeem in-game content at the mail section, pick up specific contracts to earn armory credits at the quartermasters, engage in a one-versus-one match and enter into a new prestige.

Once you decide to start a match in multiplayer, players are randomly assigned to either the Allies or Axis side. On the Allies side, players can play as American, British, Soviet, French soldiers. On the Axis side, players play as the Wehrmacht.

New to the Call of Duty franchise and multiplayer is the use of Divisions instead of the create-a-class system. There are six different divisions you can choose from, with each one having their own distinct basic combat training, division training, and weapon skills. Players will earn additional perks in their selected division by ranking up through gameplay.

In Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer, there are 11 core game modes that a user can play, while there will be additional bonus game modes added throughout the year. The 11 core game modes are team deathmatch (TDM), domination, free-for-all (FFA), gridiron, search and destroy (S&D), hardpoint, capture the flag (CTF), kill confirmed, gun game, war mode and ranked play. The primary esports multiplayer game modes are hardpoint, search and destroy, capture the flag and gridiron.

During the match, you can earn scorestreaks that can assist you and your team in battle. You can obtain scorestreaks by completing game mode objectives and getting kills in a single life. If you die but earned a scorestreak, you can still use it after you respawn.

After completing a match in a game mode, you are rewarded with experience points (XP) that will then help you rank up. The ranks in Call of Duty: WWII are the same as the United States Army used from 1942-48. Each rank has three separate levels before you can increase to the next grade. Once you reach level 55 and the rank of General of the Army, you have the option to prestige. There are 10 prestige levels in the game, and the final level you reach is Prestige Master. If you decide to prestige, you lose the guns you’ve previously unlocked but are granted a prestige unlock token to unlock a weapon to permanently unlock in your loadout. You also keep your progress in division levels, weapon levels, challenge progress and any customization you may have done to your items. You are granted a special set of prestige rewards and a new custom class slot when you’ve prestige. Your rank will be reset to the new prestige number, rank 1. Then again you are required to rank up to 55 before you can prestige again.


Divisions have replaced the traditional create-a-class system and perks. You can choose form six different Divisions that each have different abilities to represent a type of play style. Each division has four ranks, giving the players more abilities within the division. You can unlock a classified weapon and a new basic training ability when you choose to prestige the division. The Division system also replaced perks with the new basic training abilities.

  • Infantry – Best equipped for mid to long range combat. Using this division, you are equipped with a bayonet and can use the bayonet charge for melee combat.
    • Division Progression:
      • Rank 1 – Rifle Bayonet and Bayonet charge
      • Rank 2 – Additional primary attachment
      • Rank 3 – Extra Magazines
      • Rank 4 – Move faster while aiming down sights (ADS)
      • Classified weapon – SVT-40
      • Prestige Basic Training: – Scoped
  • Airborne – Best class for the run-and-gun play style. This division allows you to move fast while remaining quiet throughout the match. It’s the only division where you can use a suppressor but can only be used on a submachine gun.
    • Division Progression:
      • Rank 1 – Submachine gun suppressor
      • Rank 2 – Sprint longer
      • Rank 3 – Able to climb obstacles faster
      • Rank 4 – Increased sprint speed
      • Classified weapon – MP-40
      • Prestige Basic Training: – Energetic
  • Armored – Best division if you prefer a slower game playstyle with a weapon with a large magazine. This division gives you the heaviest firepower. It lets you mount your light machine guns, and you will take less fire and explosive damage.
    • Division Progression:
      • Rank 1 – Light machine gun (LMG) bipod
      • Rank 2 – Immune to shell shock and tactical equipment
      • Rank 3 – Takes less fire damage
      • Rank 4 – Takes less explosive damage
      • Classified weapon – MG42
      • Prestige Basic Training: – Hunker
  • Mountain – This division is your prototypical sniper class from previous Call of Duty games. This division is best for long range combat and allows you to have a more precise shot with aim assist and blocking surrounding areas when aiming down sights.
    • Division Progression:
      • Rank 1 – Sniper rifle sharpshooter
      • Rank 2 – Invisible to enemy recon aircraft
      • Rank 3 – Hidden to player-controlled scorestreaks
      • Rank 4 – Silent movement
      • Classified weapon – Kar98k
      • Prestige Basic Training: – Inconspicuous
  • Expeditionary – This division is focused on your shotgun class. Using this division, you can use incendiary shotgun shell rounds to burn enemies. It also allows you to replenish your lethal/tactical grenades after killing enemies.
    • Division Progression:
      • Rank 1 – Shotgun incendiary shells
      • Rank 2 – Select a piece of tactical and lethal equipment
      • Rank 3 – Throw equipment farther and while sprinting
      • Rank 4 – Resupply from killed enemies
      • Classified weapon – Sawed-off Shotgun
      • Prestige Basic Training: – Concussed
  • Resistence – This division can be labeled under the run-and-game playstyle. The difference with this division is that you enter combat with a knife and a pistol. It allows more close-quarter combat.
    • Division Progression:
      • Rank 1 – Pistol tactical knife
      • Rank 2 – Scramble nearby enemy mini-maps
      • Rank 3 – Additional pistol attachments
      • Rank 4 – Mini-map indication of close by enemies
      • Classified weapon – 9mm SAP
      • Prestige Basic Training: – Shifty

Core Game Modes

Team Deathmatch

The original and most popular game mode of the franchise. The mode places two teams with six players each in a map with an objective of killing everyone on the opposing team. The winner of the match is the team that reaches a point limit (75) or if the time limit runs out. The game mode has a “Hardcore” variation where there is a limited HUD, friendly fire, respawning delay, less health, and increased explosion range.


The objective of this game mode is control points on the map. The mode has two teams of six players each. There are three control points spread throughout the map, typically near the two teams spawn and somewhere near the middle of the map. To capture a point, a player must stand on it for at least 10 seconds with no enemies nearby to interrupt the process. The point can be captured faster when there are more players from the same team on the control point. The game is completed when the score limit (200) is reached or the time limit runs out. A halftime scenario will be triggered after one team reaches 100 points, and the teams will switch sides. The game mode has a “Hardcore” variation where there is a limited HUD, friendly fire, respawning delay, less health, and increased explosion range.


This game mode puts eight players against each other with the objective to kill everyone. Points are scored by killing enemy players. In Call of Duty: WWII, the game is completed once a player is first to earn 30 kills or a 10-minute time limit runs out. The top three finishers are considered the winners of the match. The game mode has a “Hardcore” variation where there is a limited HUD, friendly fire, respawning delay, less health, and increased explosion range.


This is a relatively new game mode in the Call of Duty franchise. The game mode puts two teams of six players each against each other. Players on both side fight to control a ball located in the center of the map and score it into the enemy goal by either throwing it or carrying it through. The players earn more points by carrying it through the goal.

Search and Destroy

One of the most popular game modes in the franchise and most popular in competitive play. Search and Destroy is an elimination-based game mode, where one team of six is the attacking side and the other team of six is the defending side. The attacking side is equipped with one bomb and can plant it at one of two designated spots. Players only get one life per round, and the match is best-of-seven rounds. There is a halftime after every third round where the teams switch sides. Each round has a 90 second time limit. The round completes if all players on one team are eliminated or if the bomb is planted and either is defused by the defense or if the bomb explodes for the offense. The game mode has a “Hardcore” variation where there is a limited HUD, friendly fire, respawning delay, less health, and increased explosion range.


Hardpoint uses the default team setup, two teams with six players on each side. The objective of hardpoint is to rush to secure the designated hardpoint on the map and fight off enemies coming to the area. Holding the hardpoint will increase your team’s score, but if no one is in the hardpoint, no one will earn points. If both teams are present in the hardpoint, it will be marked as contested and neither team will earn points until it’s just one team present. A point is granted to the team that holds the hardpoint. The game is completed once a team reaches 200.

Capture the Flag

One of the classic game modes. The objective of Capture the Flag (CTF) is to obtain the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your own team’s flag. The player can not officially capture the flag if your flag is currently obtained by the opposing team. The team with the most captures at the end of two rounds is declared the winner. If there is a tie, the match goes into a “stopwatch overtime” rules. Both teams attempt to put in the fastest flag capture possible. Once that is completed, the flags are reset, the opposing team has a chance to beat the captured time.

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is very similar to the Team Deathmatch game mode. There are two teams with six players each. The teams compete against each other to earn kills, but the team score only increases if the dog tags that enemies drop after death are collected. The game is completed after one team reaches the score limit of 65 or if the 10-minute time limit runs outs.

Gun Game

Added to Call of Duty: WWII during the Winter Siege and the Resistance community events. This game mode begins with every player starting out with the same pistol. After you earn a kill, the player will switch to a new weapon. There is an 18-gun tier that the player must progress through. The game is completed once one player gets a kill with the final weapon. In Call of Duty: WWII, the player must kill someone with a throwing knife to win the game.

War Mode

The newest game mode that was added to the Call of Duty franchise. War Mode is narrative driven mode where one team completes objectives, while the other team tries to prevent the objectives from occurring. After the round is over, the teams will switch side to see if the other team can get further and faster.

Ranked Play

Players can battle through seasons under the competitive rules and settings to rise the ranks. Players can earn exclusive Ranked Play season rewards. The Player will have to play 10 placement matches to get their initial rating at the beginning of each season. The player gets matched up with other players of similar skill and compete in four-versus-four matches in Hardpoint, Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag with esports settings enabled. Ranked play includes seven tiers that you can earn promotions to through gameplay. The tiers are: Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Pro. Only the top 100 players in the master tier are considered Pro level. The XP that you earn through the matches will help you move up to different tiers. The player earns 8,000 XP for a win, 6,000 XP for a tie and 4,000 XP for a loss.


Scorestreaks are a multiplayer mechanic that rewards players special items after earning a specific score amount in a single life during a match. You can have three different scorestreaks equipped at one time.

  • Molotov Cocktail – Achieved after earning a score of 300. An incendiary device.
  • Recon Aircraft – Achieved after earning a score of 500. A recon aircraft that reveals enemies on the mini-map.
  • Counter Recon Aircraft – Achieved after earning a score of 525. Blocks the enemies Recon Aircraft.
  • Care Package – Achieved after earning a score of 575. Delivered on a parachute; it contains a random scorestreak.
  • Fighter Pilot – Achieved after earning a score of 625. Fly a strafing run in a fighter aircraft.
  • Glide Bomb – Achieved after earning a score of 650. Control a glide bomb that explodes on impact.
  • Flamethrower – Achieved after earning a score of 700. A portable backpack flamethrower.
  • Mortar Strike – Achieved after earning a score of 750. A precision strike upon three targeted locations.
  • Artillery Barrage – Achieved after earning a score of 850. An artillery barrage on a designated location.
  • Flak Guns – Achieved after earning a score of 950. Destroy all enemies aerial scorestreaks and block enemies from using newer ones.
  • Emergency Airdrop – Achieved after earning a score of 1000. It airdrops four care packages by parachute. Opposing enemies can shoot down the parachutes.
  • Fire Bombing Run – Achieved after earning a score of 1050. A plane that flies in and will bombard the map in a line.
  • Paratroopers – Achieved after earning a score of 1250. The player gets to call in AI Paratrooper reinforcements. Kills by the paratrooper counts for the player that called them in.
  • Carpet Bombing – Achieved after earning a score of 1400. An aerial bombing that makes multiple fly-overs on enemy territory.
  • Ball Turret Gunner – Achieved after earning a score of 1700. The player gets to occupy a B-17G and shoot opposing players with the ball turret.
  • V-2 Rocket – Achieved after earning 25 kills without dying. The Rocket will be called in and kills all enemy players in the map. The player must meet the prerequisite of at least reaching prestige 1 in the five original divisions.

Basic Training

Basic Training has replaced the classic perk system in Call of Duty: World War II. It allows you to add a basic training badge to a division.

  • Espionage – You can see enemies that you’ve damaged on the mini-map for a small period.
  • Launched – You can take a launcher as a secondary weapon and resupplies it from enemies killed without explosives.
  • Requisitions – Scorestreaks do not reset after the player being killed, but the scorestreaks cost more and can only be earned once.
  • Instincts – Receive a warning when targeted off-screen and detects enemy explosives.
  • Rifleman – Take two primary weapons, and the player can swap weapons faster.
  • Hustle – Reload their weapon faster and can reload while sprinting.
  • Lookout – Enemy targets appear from further away, and the player gets an increased mini-map coverage.
  • Gunslinger – You can fire guns while sprinting and diving.
  • Ordnance – Cheaper scorestreaks and the player can re-roll care packages for a better reward.
  • Undercover – Killed enemy death locations are hidden for the player. The enemies’ reticles do not change when you are targeted.
  • Serrated – Allows you to take a melee weapon into the battlefield in place of a primary weapon. You’ll have a faster melee. Also gives you two throwing knives and two tactical grenades.
  • Duelist – Take akimbo pistols as a secondary and extra ammo.
  • Forage – Resupply bullets from killed enemies and swap weapons faster.
  • Flanker – Move quicker and stay hidden from enemy recon aircraft. There is also a delayed detonation of enemy mines.
  • Scoped – This perk is beneficial for the sniper class. You will have less idle sway and moves faster when aiming down the sights.
  • Energetic – Sprint again sooner and no fall damage.
  • Hunker – When in use, lets the player have an early grenade warning and take less explosive damage. The MK 2 Frag’s fuse is reset if thrown back.
  • Inconspicuous – Quieter movement and walk faster while crouched.
  • Concussed – Take a British No. 69 as a tactical and an extra piece of lethal equipment.
  • Shifty – Pistol comes with an additional attachment and unlimited ammo. The magazine is always full when switching to pistol.