The Best Place to Meet Other Esports Fans

Here at Esports Talk we love opening up a dialogue between ourselves, the industry, and especially the community. Previously, to help encourage that conversation, we hosted a forum on our website where esports fans could discuss various topics across the esports and gaming space. However, over time, as our audience has grown and our content has evolved we’ve decided upon a different approach to those kinds of conversations.  

We welcome you to join us on our Discord channel, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube to share your thoughts and opinions on the latest esports news with our open and like-minded community! Members of the Esports Talk team as well as the esports community at large are active across our various platforms as they share news stories, debate roster moves, talk about the latest player drama, and more! 

If you would like to get in touch with the Esports Talk team directly, we would like to invite you to visit our Contact Page! There you can send us a message or find our email address if you prefer. We’re immensely grateful for each and every message we receive, so we make a point of reading them all closely. However, considering the sheer volume of messages that are sent in we can’t promise an individual response to every message (although we’ll certainly try). 

Looking to stay in touch with the latest esports news at all times? Then we recommend following us on Twitter and subscribing to our YouTube channel. We post daily updates on the latest breaking news in esports to make sure that you will stay in the loop on all of the hottest stories. Looking for in-depth conversations with other esports fans? Then we recommend our Discord channel where you can find several active and highly knowledgeable community members who are always up to talk esports!